Hi there, food lovers.

The Deli Girl has cooked up a storm this week and has explored the easiest way to make a stir-fry. Many folks out there have all the professional herbs spices and what nots in the pantry to possibly make a true authentic recipe, but the Deli Girl keeps all her meals simple. Purchase, prepare and make it in any kitchen, any where. One week in a caravan, the next in a tent during a camping trip over the long weekend, or just visiting a friend. Our Deli Girl can have you dining with class and pair it with nice wine, you will be the star cook. Don’t take my word these are delicious, give them a go. No need to stand out in the kitchen for houurs any longer, meals prepared and in fifteen minutes are hot and will be ready to eat and not one minute of that movie or series showing on the google box, will you ever have to miss again.


 Stir-fry for grown ups

Below is a starter pack. A plain foundation that can be doubled and trippled depending on the amount of family members. The great thing about a started pack it is perfect for the flavour junky. One member might like it hot, savoury or both. Another prefer it mild. Using these prepared starter kits, it allows the cook to plit them, use two for two different flavours or, it is absolutely perfect for one serve. Make as many bags as required. The amount given is for one serve only.

I am a health nut so only prepare four days ahead but the products do last us 5 days. That way if we have a cheat day and buy takaway, the product will last that extra day and does not need to be binned.

So, to my lovers of meals made easy, what ideas have you got stashed away to help my other readers. Leave comments. I’d enjoy givinng your handy tips a go too.

Stir-fry for the newby 

Below is a starter pack for a small serve.

This starter kit is cooked in a small non stick pot with the lid on to capture the juices.

This recipe has only salt and low cholestrol margarine for the sensitive tummy.

20% stir-fry

80% noodles (or,)

80% potato

The recipe uses Angel hair pasta as it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to cook.

To add the potato instead, wash and place two small or one large potato on a dish.

Lightly prick the skin only, front and back to allow steam to escape else it could explode and cleaning spud off a microwave is not fun.

Place the spud in the microwave and cook on high for 6 minutes. If it is not cooked through due to size, turn it over and give it  2 more minutes.

Once the fork goes easy, its ready.

Cut into cubes, and add it to the pot of cooked stir-fry and chicken. Gently flip it through to allow it to suck up the juices in the pot. You don’t need to flip it to much or it ends up mash spud.

Serve it into a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Eat and enjoy. 

Hope you enjoy our stir-fry starter pack idea. For more tips on food, keep an eye out for the Deli Girl, her joy is to make meal times easy, fun and delish.

But please, watch the sauces if you are watching the waist line. They are delightful, but best to play with dry spices and make a fat free healthy mix. 

Happy eating from the Deli Girl. 

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