What better time of year to give a new author a go. Idle hours during the festive season will give hours of entertainment with these six travelling tales. It’s the calm before the storm, the raging passion to win and the beasts who carves wonderment deep into your memories. Unforgettable stories that border on reality will have you entertained and kept guessing until the last page.

Debbie will not let you leave her stories until every emotion is spent and you are left fatigued and in love with at least one or more characters. And once that last page is read you will be left begging for more adventures with them.

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Links to the latest books published

Soulcasters links
Immortal Espionage
Little Champions of Helios

Links to the Series (Cosmic Collection)

Cassandra goddess of Harmony
Caitlin goddess of Peace
Caitlin11 Masquerade Magic


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