Pesky characters who hijack the rewrite of your novel.

Have you written a story and during the rewrite another character hijacks the main character? Wants his or her day in the sun?

This has happened many times to me. More prevalent in the novel, Alina Eternal.

In the first draft, Alina has eternal life. She has lived for a century and kept one step ahead of those wishing to find out her youthful secret. Her crime, not aging, ever.

Her clever disguise leads her to Jay, a desk clerk who was only written in to add a bit of entertainment while she was disguised as a man. Nothing more. Ricco was written in to be a love interest nothing more. And yet both characters became entangled in her near capture and escape from a detective who just wouldn’t give up and leave her alone.

Alina’s voice was drowned out by both Jay and Ricco and in the first few rewrites, Ricco became power-hungry dominating the story and Alina started to take a back seat.

Ricco was too strong and way too cocky to be the main character. As much as I tried to get Alina to step up to the plate and charm him into submission, it was Jay who finally tamed the man-beast and sorted him out. And although the tale is all about Alina, by the final rewrite it was a toss-up who won second place. Nether men wanting to give up the number one position.

I invite you to read it to decide. Seriously, I had no say in this book. The three characters took me on an adventure that even kept the ending a secret from me until the last keys were tapped. It was a twist I didn’t see coming.

Although out of my hands, I enjoyed the hell out of the story and don’t regret for one second giving them the keyboard to write their own destiny’s.

As the author, I did give them life so I can take credit for that!

Aussie based novel you won’t want to put down.

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