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To read is to dream. To find the right book at times is a miracle, and to be able to do both is a blessing.

If you believe in fate, this is your sign. If you are reading this, the angels have singled this one post out from all the social media noise and say, make this your next book.

Chose me!

From Debbie’s daydreaming selections.

Readers gem!

Cassandra is scared and alone, and meeting her destiny didn’t go as planned. She was innocent; he was mean. Both had no clue they were put in each other’s path for a higher calling.

Feel the grief of Cassandra’s shattered past and be with her as she falls in love with a man she learns, is not who he seems. She won his heart but not his trust. That would take longer.

Turn the pages to unfold the mystery of Cassandra and together, take an amazing trip into space to discover life amongst the stars.

CASSANDRA goddess of harmony is action-packed with life, love, adventure, and a joining that tests the senses.

I’m no hero!

Caitlin loves her friends, is jealous of the new girl, and her quirky sense of humor is about to get her in all sorts of trouble.

To find her place in this new life opening up to her and her friends, she quickly learns, joking around could get them all killed.

Yet, living amongst the monsters she will face, her only hope to survive is her personality. Lucky for her, she has a big heart too, and the sacrifice she makes might just save them all.

Don’t give up on Caitlin because she will never give up on you!

Caitlin goddess of peace will take you on an uncertain adventure where she falls in love, twice, but only one will win her heart. True to her core, her love of life and friends will hopefully get her home.

Don’t plan to get any sleep until you finish this actioned packed, heart-stopping adventure.


Swept away unmasked!

Caitlin is back, smarter for her experiences, and ready to take on the next assignment. Only it found her first. She was unprepared when finding her kindness had attracted the worst type of man. He was vicious, but behind his mask, she saw something else.

If she is wrong, her fate is about to test her to the limits this time.

On an ice world, she is exposed to freezing conditions, and a man with a closed stone heart, and yet Caitlin still sees a glimmer of hope. Can this hardcore rock be transformed into a diamond? If Caitlin is to live, she must find the cutting edge.

Caitlin, goddess of peace, will send your senses soaring and the conclusion to fix all, will rock your world. She has a doozy up her sleeve you won’t want to miss.

Expect extreme with the conclusion!

Run Alina! Run!


Alina is immortal, alone, and in 100 years she has never found another like her. Until she meets her total opposite. She is small, petite, and kind. He is oversized in every way, brooding, and has the strength and speed of a locomotive.

Is he the one, or is her friend, Jay, right? We cannot trust her opposite.

Alone once more, Alina fights to stay hidden. But the authorities are always one step behind her. Is it her new love who keeps giving her location away or is it just bad timing?

This on and off again love affair must end and to keep her safe from the clutches of death; she must do this alone.

But prepared not for her brave friend Jay, who never gives up. He will save her, even if it means he has to take her place.

Friendships and a lot of fun banter make this an entertaining read, even though your heart races and breaks a little.

Might need a tissue!

Creatures of death

Chloe’s life spirals out of control on her 20th birthday when she becomes something else.

Worse, her brothers are not who they seem.

Caught up in a mystical world where she is hunted, Chloe takes charge after making a sacrifice when learning she has the power to create the life of an immortal being.

Now, Chloe, her two brothers, and a man who can shape-shift are all that stand between the horror that is relentless in its quest to end the light they must protect.

Two hateful warriors and an army of evil are coming, and the protectors of the light know it will be an epic battle to the death.

SOULCASTERS is a story of an amazing woman who fights for the love of her family. Powerful instincts and a bird of love make this a killer story.

Destroyer of dark matter 

Bray has a best mate, a mum, and life was simple. He was happy. That was until his stepdad moved in.

It was then strange things happened!

Bray and his buddy were transported to a different world and discovered they were chosen to build a machine to destroy a black hole. The dark matter which would engulf the universe was coming, and they must work together in strange conditions to find each piece buried beneath the surface. The only problem, the pieces to this weapon will not be easy to get to; the creators of the weapon had buried the pieces on separate planets

Now they must get to each planet, find the location, steal the artifact, and make it back to Earth in eight days. Is it even possible!

But what if they got help from a God with a chariot? Suddenly alone, but with this magical ride, they hope to do the impossible?

Try not to get caught up in the magic or it will be you who becomes the hero in this story.

Coffee-table reader

A collection of love, loss, and just plain short versions of paranormal insanity.

Laugh or take them seriously, they are what they are and where they came from, well, that will remain our little secret.

Tales from the other side. I think I channeled some right weirdos.


 The stars bound us!

Many quote this simple phrase, but not everyone gets to live it. My stories will take you far beyond the stars to planets and ice worlds. Mysteries of the universe and space opera drama’s and realistic day-to-day situations expose the vulnerability of each character.

It’s been an adventure over the past nine years. Writing 12 books, publishing 6 and a book of short stories has sure been a labor of love. “We are bound by the stars” is on many slogans, it’s even a book. But for me, it is how I feel. Since starting my first novel, the stars called to me and I have lived amongst them for almost ten years. Today, I celebrate them and thank the lucky stars they looked kindly upon me. Have I left the comfort of their glow? Not anytime soon.

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