Twin sisters, one rules the dark, and one rules the light of the moon. Always in conflict, but one is more sinister. Can Rhiannon stop her sister? Time is running out and she only has one choice and it is breaking her heart.

(A sneak peek inside the book)

In the assembly room, with thick walls for added privacy, Queen Rhiannon opened the letter, ‘It is from my sister, Queen Chandra,’ she cleared her throat and spoke out loud.

‘Enjoy your celebration this night, for it will be short-lived. The child that carries your magical soul, the one you call the Soul-keeper and the one born on earth this night, is mine. A twist of fate, namely me, has the mother die this night. This devastating blow will spiral the young, innocent out of control. She will easily turn evil for me when she evolves at the ripe old age of twenty.

I repeat, she is now mine, dear sister, mine!

Your elated sister, Chandra’


Two brothers sent to Earth to protect the Soul-keeper from Chandra. 

(a peek from inside the book)

Within minutes her sons, Caleb and Rhys stood before her. ‘Yes, Mother, tell us what’s wrong. We can feel you worry.’ Caleb knelt in front of her. His eyes were wide open, his brow furrowed together in concern.

‘I have a mission for you. No one else will do, it has to be you and your brother.’ She brushed her hand across his forehead, ‘you both have an unusual gift, a skill that will be required to hide the light of the Soul-keeper.’ She lifted both hands and ran her fingers down their soft cheeks. ‘But how can I send the two of you to protect this newborn child when you’re both still so young. My heart breaks at the thought.’ Tears ran from her eyes.

‘Mother, if it is to protect the souls on Earth, we are ready. This is what you have been preparing us for.’ Caleb was his usual strong-minded self with no consideration for him or his brother. Only for the cause and for the war he was determined to help his mother win.

‘Come, boys, we must leave now, without delay.’ Rhiannon stood, arms outstretched to them, her heart in tatters. Lord Braxton was the last image Rhiannon had as Congress, her chambers and her castle faded. It all disappeared as she transported the three of them to the Earth’s Surface.


Jake spots Chloe, the Soul-keeper walking towards him. The girl he had found on the park bench the previous night, sound asleep. He had no idea who he had taken home and was about to try and befriend.

(a peek from inside the book) 

Jake had decided to have one more coffee before ending the meeting when he spotted her. The woman from last night was now walking towards them.

Jake stood up and, in his haste, almost knocked the table over. ‘Sorry, have to ditch. There’s an urgent matter walking my way that I have to attend to.’

Jakes overseer was no fool and had to hold back a grin as his boss stood motionless, barely breathed as he watched a young lady cross the street.

‘Hey, Boss, no probs. Ring me.’ He picked up his briefcase and, noticing Jake had still not taken his eyes from the woman, he left. In all the years he had known Jake, he’d never seen a female stop him in his tracks. On his way out, Jason passed her and smiled, getting a lovely shy grin back. He thought her something else, that was for sure.

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