Hi there, travelling buddies.

It’s been a hot six weeks here in Broome but what an experience.  We have met some lovely people, been able to help out someone stressed and worried and have fought the battle of bull ants that have threatened our camp on a daily basis. Hundreds of the nasty biting midgets that wish to dine on us leave a nasty painful sting for hours. Working outside is the pits in a bush retreat. Now I know you are all thinking, what do you expect staying in a natural habitat but seriously, when you have never stayed anywhere like this before; I think I can sort of be excused. We have been on the road since 2018 and stayed in some dry bushy spots, but this one takes the cake. Guess we might have finally got a shady spot, but we have possibly parked ourselves right over the top of the entrance to every ant’s entry in the entire park. So, to say who ended up winning this battle of the biggest shady tree in the park… us yay! As we did enjoy being surrounded by the capsicum red dirt site that made us feel like we woke up on Mars most days.  A spot we loved so much, well except the white and blue striped shoes… and the floor… and our enemy from underground. Nearly had to pull up stumps and swapped Mars for grassy Earth. Trade the massive old tree for flowering frangipani and the ant’s well, they would have been replaced by bees. Ain’t Australia just the best place in the world for an adventure. In saying that, I must share that it is coming on the wet season here and ants are on the march everywhere up the top end. Now we have locked in a parameter around our camp I can’t say I will miss the sting of those feisty black soldiers of the land who fought bravely over the past couple of weeks. RIP all those who gave their lives so we could stay a little longer.  

The grand old trees of the Kimberley’s

Adansonia gregorii, commonly known as the Boab, is a tree found only in Western Australia and east of Northern Territory. Other trees in this family are only found in Africa (6 species) and the Arabian Peninsula (1species).

The Boab tree is easily recognised by the swollen base of its trunk, which forms a massive girth. The tree grows up to 15 meters in height and trunks with a diameter of over five meters have been recorded. The Boab loses its leaves during the dry winter period and producing new leaves and large white flowers between December and May. We were amazed when told they are pollinated by the convolvulus hawkmoth.

This granddaddy was found while wandering the streets of Broome. Even with his arms outstretched, the trunk was still wider than hubbies’ arms. And he is over six foot tall. 

Kimberley’s artists

Haven’t seen so much art by indigenous artists than here in the Kimberley. We are told there are some Aboriginal-owned and controlled art centres and companies who assist artists and arrange exhibitions to sell their works. The art centres in the region are also organised through the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists. We have enjoyed watching and learning about their Dreamtime stories and how they transfer these to a material to make necklaces, stubbie holders, cups etc. We have picked up some lovely gifts for friends and family with the picture of the artist and their story. My two most favourite drinking mugs have a dream time story I think about when making a cuppa. This style of art is creative and ingenious and has left a mark on us as we say farewell for now.

(Most come in this style of packaging telling about the artist or, they have a tag attached.)

Pearls Pearls Pearls 

OMG, if you love pearls. Broome is the place to come. Walking down the street in China town, we were taken back with the pearls dripping from displays. Some set-in plain gold and silver trinkets and others adorned with the razzle-dazzle of diamonds. Could it be any more outrageously lavish as those cashed-up tried on the many earrings, bracelets and charmingly jewelled unique pearls? 

One shop we were particularly interested in was Kailis. I had dealt with Kailis bros while being the state buying for Deli/Bakery for FAL back in the day. Never did they ever mention the other side of the business, which was the wife’s passion. After their parents passing, apparently the two boys continued in the seafood retail side of the business, and the two daughters took on the Pearl industry. The Jewellery was quite remarkable and if I did have between $1500 and $33000. to spend on a fair-dinkum pair of pearl earrings, it would be a good old Aussie Pearl shop for me, and Kailis would get my business hands down for quality. Mind you, the ones we saw in the cheapie area were small pearl earrings starting at $200. but they were freshwater pearls, so you do get what you pay for 🙂 

Watched a movie in the oldest operating outdoor picture theatre in the world!

Seats are getting a bit worn and the displays in the entrance a bit shabby and dusty, but this movie theatre is still loads of fun and gave us a few laughs.

Sunday lunch flopped until it flipped  

Broome is not “tourist-friendly” for lunch trade Sundays. And there is no warning given to us campers, but there should be. The two cafe’s in the shopping centres were closed. The nice little cafes we went for breakfast the previous weekend was closed. The café overlooking Broom beach only does food until 11.30am closes at lunchtime. The pub and café at Cable beach open. Yay. 

Enthusiastically and looking forward to dining out which we rarely do, we get seated at the café overlooking Cable Beach and scan the menu. Very fancy, but alas, none of the combinations was “my gut-friendly.”

Regardless, I can usually sweet-talk them into cooking something I can eat. Full of hope, we go up to order, and they won’t even sell me the hamburger but without the patty, egg, mayo, pickles, chips etc. and just leave the bacon. I only felt like a bacon roll/ or sandwich. Mind you, happy to pay the $26.00 to at least eat something, because it was now one o’clock and I was starving. But told sorry, these are our meals and asked if there was anything else on the menu I’d prefer. Told her, “no, I have lots of food allergies”. So, she tells me I can go sit outside and order from takeaway (gets cooked in the same kitchen). So, we looked at each other and instead of making a fuss we left. No need to ask hubby. He looked livid at her attitude and out in the car we decided to try Maccas…. yuk! I know right, plastic lunch. I shudder, then remember the servo 35ks out of town. They have a licenced café and do meals. One of our camp buddies recommended as he went there a lot. So off we go and its almost 2pm by the time we arrive. I say to the dude taking our order, can I have the BLT without the lettuce tomato sauce etc. just the bacon and buttered toast. No issue, done! Ordered a cuppa. It’s free, you make it yourself. Bonus!

Not long after we ordered, the guy who served us brings us our food and tells me he is sorry, but they put tomato on it. I look at him in belief, “really!” He gives a chuckle. “Just kidding.” He said and wonders off smiling at my look. Cheeky buggar. ????

So, for the price of just one burger in Broome, we not only got a graze fit for a king and queen but a joker as well. A good end to the outing, I say.

Dust Devil

Mother Nature threats further to move us along and attacked me as I wandered back from the toile block. She whipped up a beast of a whirly wind full of stones  dirt, leaves and twigs. It was so strong I made a grab for the closest post only it was relentless in its quest to make me pay for the ant war. The stinging of the debris(and not to mention I could barely breathe) was so harsh I decided to make a run for it, only it followed. The only reason it stopped was cause I crouched down. This I found out was the correct thing to do as my height was what attracted it. Well, that’s what hubby said which did make sense as it shot off and headed for trees further over. So moral to the story, don’t piss off Mother Nature and if she does toss a weapon towards you, bend down, put your head between your legs and kiss your arse goodbye. I did????, and after a long shower washing the dirt off and picking twigs out of my ears, I’m at least still here to tell the story. As for the ants, still not sorry, bring it on goddess Gaia.

Guess who got a Titan?

Not the shed, but a draw. Yes, we finally saved up enough cash to purchase a draw for the back of the car. So gone are all the tubs and stuff that packed the car to the roof allowing no visibility out the back for the driver. Not that it worried us as the caravan has two camera’s to pick up what is happening behind. But even so, it was a lot of work packing and unpacking every stop when needing something. So now there is room for my bottles of water and the new generator. Of course, we could not get a waterproof generator bag as the Full Boar Generator we purchased from Bunnings is higher than the normal 2.2- and 2000-amp Gennie’s. But after much research, we invested in a Weber Q 1000 carry bag, that once the straps are tightened at the sides, it fits perfect.  Well, no smell so I am happy about that.

The first picture has the draw in. On top of it, we can fit, 4 packs of 24 x 500 ml water, plus the generator at the front. It is only the bag showing where it will go, and no, it isn’t that little. <Chuckle.> We are using the Gennie as the heat and humidity is right up there today. Aircon is ticking away, sounding like it will bust a ring or two if it must keep working so hard. But they make them tough.

The first picture is the Titan draw from Kings new installed. Sooooo… much better than tubs.

The second picture is hubby with the Band-Aid spray, yep, needed a few sprays after that effort. But good job, honey!


Happy Days!

Now I know what you are thinking, how much heat can these two rascals handle. Not much more, I can tell you. A couple of weeks ago we had cool mornings and a lovely cool breeze around 4 pm. Now it is hot by 9 am, and the hot breeze lasts all day. Shaun has taken on one more project, and that will be the last… well, that’s what he says now. Next week, who knows. But we are now organised and packed, only the necessities must be put away, so any day we might just wake up and look at each other and say, “let’s be on our way today!”

Until next time, happy travels if you are on your way, or if like us and sitting happy for a bit, enjoy the ride.

Shebbie Out!


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