Hi there, Travelling buddies.

With Spring days ahead, tell-tale signs are already showing. Not in wildflowers but wild horses meandering across the road with a little fur baby. The stallion in the picture above is the big grey who walks close as the protector of his newest pride and joy, the baby of the herd. This stud was amazing to watch as he took care or the mares, only allowing them to cross after it was safe. This scene stopped us in our bumpy, dusty tracks on our way back from the pearl farm. Well, we think we still had another 10 k’s of dirt so didn’t make it. Yep, we turned around when we got to the turn off and the sign read, the Pearl shop and cafe were closed.

We both looked at each other, ‘of course it would be closed,’ but it was a Saturday. Really! Good on the planners. I thought everyone liked to get out and about on the weekends here. I mean, Cable Beach is packed this time of day? And, why not put the sign at the start of the dirt road. Fair dinkum though, only those with mighty fine backs should attempt this trip. Why they have not sealed this road in the 25 years since being here, is beyond us. Last time we to these touristy destinations by bus and recall the trip was quite comfortable. Or maybe we were younger then with no health issues. Oh well, at least we gave it a go. Worth it to see these wild horses. The male had led them across, but then cars came so herded his ladies back. He then stood in the middle of the road all pissed of like. Finally, the other cars coming the opposite way moved on, so he summoned the herd back on the road again, where they all safely trotted across. We stayed a fair way back, so he didn’t seem perturbed about us. Pictures aren’t great from where we were but happy we got to see the stallion protecting his mares with such authority and hovering beside the baby colt to make darn sure it was safe.


3Off to the Markets

It was Broome market day, and first, we got into the groove listening to an indigenous band playing rock and roll in a park area under the shade of age-old trees. Talented artists dominated the stalls, and of course, they had the biggest Pearl jewellery stall I have ever seen. And slushies were the hit with the heat already reaching high 30’s even at that earlyy hour. The talented Aboriginal artwork didn’t stop with just music and paintings. There was one young girl who showed talent in another art form. She had used dream time story fabric and had made necklaces from it. Others sat, cross-legged on the ground painting the most interesting designs that told tales of old. We couldn’t resist a couple of photos of our most favourite booths, and Shaun picked up a little something special for his wonderful mum.

Cheap Entertainment

It was 40°+ by lunchtime so picked up some cold meat and profiteer rolls and had a picnic overlooking the beach. A cool breeze was met with hot headed idiots not watching the tides. In droves, we chuckled at sea lovers drove down to get on the beach that had a ‘king tide’, turn around and or back out. All totally unaware there had been a shark sighting, and the surfers and swimmers were all trying to get out and with haste, causing a traffic jam. Must admit, our open-air cafe is the best place to eat and be entertained while sitting in a cool sea breeze under the fanning leaves of a tropical tree.

Generator Joys

It has been a working week for us. Shaun helping the owner, Dave, with a bit of logistic work. Meanwhile, I completed the edit on the family history Shaun is publishing. The next step for the family history is for it to be sent off for a final proofread by the author. With the stinking hot weather, we have braved the heat and knuckled down mostly outside where the breeze is hot, but at least it hits sweaty skin and is cooling. But wait, we had a call from Bunnings, and our “full Boar” 2.2 generator has arrived. So, today we are working in the cool of our caravan with the sound of a motor purring in the background. To those thinking eeek, noise… its no drama here. This park has water on every site but no electricity, everyone (and now us) use generators. Everyone’s out, so we are only annoying the occasional wallaby and some birds trying to sleep. I say suck eggs to that! They keep us awake from three in the morning some days, payback is a bitch <chuckle heartily> But seriously this brand, if interested, has our air-con going in our Jayco starcraft, the washing machine, and a little while ago the fridge as well. It sings a little louder with the fridge, so we popped it back on gas, but to be in the cool at 11 am and not out there in the high thirties and no wind… Pffff… no competition.

Gas Plan Botched

We had a plan how not to run out of gas, but ran out of gas last night. So had to get up and head straight into town this morning to get some. Yes, we could have just pulled the generator out of the box and set it up, but could either of us be bothered first thing to even go there. Nope! Had a better plan. Brekkie in town…. a more pleasurable idea. 

So here we are, sitting on the verandah of a quaint little Broome cafe in the midst of China town, sipping a cuppa and lazily waiting for bacon and eggs, perfectly cooked by anyone other then us. Bliss. Our only concern was the heat (at 9 am) was already sizzling so had to wait for a seat in the shade, which we finally got before our meal arrived. Gee, what a hard life hey! (Those last two sentences were for JL who I know is reading this and hating us, <chuckle>.)

Dragonfly cafe sure turned on a yummy breakfast and right next door is the outdoor movie theatre. Lay back and enjoy a flick under the stars, is still operational after all these years. Over the road is the entrance to China town and strip mall shopping. All in all there are plenty of cafe’s to choose from. Think we picked the right one as all the others were practically empty of patrons. But it was only breakfast trade yet. Who does the better breakfast then? I thing Dragonfly cafe hands down and it looks like everyone here thinks so too.  Mind you, nothing is cheap in Broome so cash up to enter, but the food is worth it and preferable to Macca’s cheap plastic brekkie. It’s much more scrumptious. 

Itch that scratch

For those heading up here to the heat, I must say it does cause irritation to those who didn’t know they could react to the elements in a scratchy itchy way. My back has been an itchy painful annoyance where fingernails have wanted to scratch constantly like a kitten needing cotton gloves. I say to hubby, we must have dust mites or fleas or ticks. But after a couple of thorough cleans and a mountain of insect spraying, we knew it wasn’t that. I had no lumps, no bites, no rash, nothing to see, just itchy. It’s been five weeks of gouging and whinging and looking for a solution. Creams, oils, ointments and every essential oil concoction I could think of, has been given the heave hoe. Finally, while doing shopping at Coles supermarket, I bought the Coles Brand sinus relief. Said to hubby, this isn’t for itchy skin just eyes. But on his gut feeling, I grabbed a box. I had half a tablet yesterday when we got home and half today… OMG, the stars have aligned, and the angels are so praised right now for leading us to these tiny weenie pills. NO ITCH! Felling god darned blessed. So, if you come this way and start to itch, you aren’t ready for the itchy scratchy funny farm at all, you just need to spend $6 at Coles. BOOM!

Termite city

Without realising it, we left out a treat for the white ants and over the past five weeks they have been having quite a party feasting on the block of wood that we always leave under a wheel. They left their mark much like a slithering snake would if preying on a mouse or two. Dark marks all over our site and when we found the culprit, it was smothered in the little haters of wood. So, it was out with pest spray and we smothered the suckers in talcum powder. Yes, you read it right—a  little trick to stop ants from crawling up into your van. When you pull up, sprinkle talc liberally around the van legs, wheels etc. Many mix ant-rid with the powder for a better effect, but for us, we stay at pet-friendly parks and like to look out for the fur yapping pooches. So, we only use the talc on its own. Well, unless the enemy has marched upon us and sneaked into our van.

All dead now and their creepy skinny-legged friends and family have not returned.

Funny Dunny

Travelling is not always roses and magical unicorns. I guess for me, the dunny’s are my biggest pet hate. How anyone can honestly sit on a toilet with shit splatter in the bowl and the stench of so many before wafting up your nose in the thunderboxes of overnight rest areas is beyond my capabilities. It takes a real man to straddle that germ-infested seat and drop their own load without a second thought. Well, let me tell you, hubby has no shame. Me, I’ll hold that sucker in until the next servo and put up with gut gripping pain before I would enter that stench dome of flies, spiders and that fermented splattered shitter. 

Then there are the surprises in the caravan park facilities. Snakes that slithering in through the open doors and chase you around the cubical. Or, in some, the shower is shared with spiders, cockroaches, moths and bugs, and other surprises like this little fella that stares back at me just before my backside hit the seat. You know that moment when you steal a look inside, not wanting to, but your curiosity must view where the bum is to be positioned. When the pea can be held no longer, and you freeze. Hi there Mr Frog. Eeek…


 It all adds to the adventure of life on the road in Oz. Yes, we are still learning, and even the frog will become a bigger story with time, but for now, we intend to take it all in and squash the negatives. Turn them into a good old fashion yarns as we fudge through this fun experience we have been blessed with. We figure another week here will tidy up the projects we have taken on to amuse ourselves while here. Well, unless we find some other reason to hang a little while longer in this paradise they call Broome. If we were on holidays, we might have to rush off to the next location. But as said before, we live in our van for now, and it’s our home. We go where it looks interesting and stay momentarily where we are loved. Guess we are really feeling the love here. So, until next time, safe travels out there if you are heading off on your own adventure and remember to look in the bowl before plonking down that arse. ?????


Shebbie out!




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