Hi there, travelling buddy. When we arrived in Broome, we were stressed out with family issues and felt we carried the weight of it, and we didn’t think this holiday destination we had once spent here was magical after all. But fate has stepped in and kept us from moving along and so glad it did. It turns out, Broome has not lost it’s warming touch on us and now unwound and feeling like a new chapter has begun in our lives, we are having the best time ever.

Travelling buddies, just remember, you’re not on your own out here. Other campers are always at the ready to help out a fellow neighbour. You see, when we first arrived, we had our new battery have the life sucked out of it by the old battery. Note to self, never listen when advised it’s okay to put a 130 with a 105, or an old with a new. It didn’t work. So here is where the help came out of the woodwork. One neighbour lent us his generator for a few days and another, his multimeter for the night. And due to our batteries unable to hold the charge, we bit the bullet and ordered these lithium batteries through ITEC World. It took a couple of weeks to arrive but what a difference. No problem washing clothes, using my hairdryer or having the fan run all day. Laptops and phone are all charged up again too. They are so quick to recharge too. Batteries are a dream and only 12 kg instead of the 33kg and 28 kg ones we pulled out.  Thanks to our neighbour who suggested this brand, and helped us do the change over when they arrived. To Dave and Jan, we are sure grateful.? Thumbs up?

But we are still not quite ready to leave here yet. There are a couple more purchases to be made to ensure our time when coming up to hot tropical havens will be enjoyed no matter where we decide to camp up.  As we have discovered. It’s only just coming out of winter months for Australia, and already the weather in Broom is sweltering, and to a point where running to Cable Beach is the only relief. Although, by 4.30 the beach breeze does reach the caravan park and wow, it sure makes you forget the sweaty day endured. So, to give us a little relief from time to time, and to continue to enjoy this landmark of bliss and paradise waters, we have ordered a generator to run our air conditioner. You know, on those days when you look at the laptop and wish to spend a couple of hours in fantasy land without the sweat dribbling down your back. (We can run generators here between 8am to 8pm.) And because of this, we are here for another couple of weeks while we wait for delivery. Oh, and yes, it’s so tough to have to wait it out here in this gorgeous oasis, Not! ???? 

As for the one we did order, as I’m sure the menfolk reading this will be wondering, there were lots of pros and cons to consider. Like what amps will be required, the size, noise level and the weight. Also, where to put it? Rolling it out on a slide, so it doesn’t need to be picked up was another big discussion. Nothing a box, a metal fabricator and a little more time staying put won’t fix. But all the add on’s aside, we ended up choosing a Bunning’s 2.2 brand over the Honda because of its continuous running time. The Honda 2.1 was only 1800 compared to the “2.2 Full Boar” which runs 2000 continuous. We had a friend run their “Full Boar” for us and apart from it not being very noisy, it ran the aircon and microwave while we sat chatting. So now we are waiting on our purchase and look forward to a few days of pleasant weather control


The last and final purchase to help cool us was something to shade the morning heat from the other side of the van. Once again, thanks to a fellow camper who brought his ladder over and held up the other end of the 4-meter awning strip while it was glued and drilled into place. The awning cut down the heat in moments of it going up. And yes, we could have parked under any one of the big old trees in this park, but then how do you get power if the solar is always in the shade. This was a much better plan and happy we decided to bite the bullet and spend our last two bob on a damn fine idea. 

Don’t mind the strange sky. Check it out an hour later. The sun turned so orange although It didn’t stop the heat, and tonight the sky was all pretty with stars.


 Let us just say travelling buddies, if you are contemplating coming up this way around this time of year, be prepared to live at the beach during the day. We have found a nice spot under a tree we have lovingly named Shebbie’s open-air cafe. The food is always delicious and freshly made by us, and the cupcakes are the best we have ever tasted. Today it was Filadelfia leg ham and Jarlsberg cheese on fresh buttered rolls and chocolate cupcake topped with the yummiest of soft chocolate icing. (All purchased from Coles fresh food departments.) The breeze is refreshing, company divine, and scenery to die for. 

While having a cuppa at Shebbie’s open cafe, we spotted the camels coming down on to the beach. Totally unsure where all these camels are kept, but it couldn’t be far as there are three sets. This one has red blankets, but there are also blue and orange, and all do the tours each day. Here we captured this magic sight that is a trademark of Broome’s magnificent Cable Beach. Couldn’t choose which video to put up so put them all up. First one is from a different day.

Once or twice a week, for a small fee, we gather together and enjoy a meal, a chat and a few laughs with other campers from the park. The Sunday roasts have been delicious and then Saturday night was an Indonesian delight where caravan park owner, Dave, turned on one mean feast. Sunday morning, we were back together for pancakes with fresh espresso coffee. Might I say, they were the most delicious light pancakes and I wasn’t the only one thinking it? Everyone went back for seconds. Needless to say, we are loving our time here and not quite ready to leave. I wonder why? ??? Think we best hide the scales while here. Tonight was roast Wednesday with pavlova and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. But seriously,  the company is great, and we are made to feel at home amongst the red dirt and bush backdrop. Fully recommend this holiday park. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 Well, travelling buddies, it’s been another hot sweltering week so far, and we look forward to the arrival of our gennie. We then have to find a home for it. Mmmmm… another task that could become bigger than we expect. Will keep you posted. Until then, we will keep singing… ??I want to get out of this place, girl there’s a better life for you and me?????? 

Shebbie out!

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