Hi there, travelling buddies.

Don’t let the dry red dust, whirly winds or heat scare you away during spring. Broome has its own way of showing off during this season. Down south’s cooler weather and rains may have encouraged pretty displays of wildflower ground cover, but even here, Mother Nature doesn’t disappoint. Everywhere we look are these gorgeous evergreen variety of Frangipani’s. Gorgeous milky-white blooms with garish gold centres are everywhere. Let’s not forget the thorny ornamental vine, the Bougainvillea. And here in this Park, we have them all. When we arrived the massive Bougainvillea’s at the entrance were a brilliant blushing red and white. Now they have blown away it stands pretty in pink. Amazing vine that keeps on giving us a light show not to be missed.

What is this?

Suddenly this morning, we were greeted with this snow-white star shaped flower showing us this park has only just started to come alive. Looks a little like a wild Gardenia but maybe my readers can enlighten us?

Wharf Café & Garden

Spring is the season to make everything just that little touch prettier. These are some other flowering beauties we found while at the Broome wharf. Taking a drive here, we didn’t expect to find a café, park and possibly one of the biggest Jacaranda trees ever. Had to walk back quite a way to fit the entire tree in. Bet it will look brilliant when the flowers are in bloom, and carpets the ground in purple petal softness.

Broome Wharf

What a surprise it was to stroll along the wharf. Well-kept gardens showing signs of spring with flowering hedges and trees lined the walkway to the prettiest of blue ocean. Still operating, the ships came in and out, load and unload while the busy flow of recreational crafts move around the port keeping their distance. Must admit, it was entertaining and we took lots of happy snaps. 


Broome Boat ramp

At the tip of Broome, we found this picturesque sight with a large sealed car park and cement boat ramp. Both angles showing the traffic of a variety of watercrafts and ships coming in and out for recreational enjoyment. What stood out for us was how far the water has receded over the years, leaving these large layered stone structures that was once land for these sea lovers of the Kimberley’s.

Alternative medication at hand

Spring is the perfect weather to collect healing flowers and plants. Many are made into oils, lotions and even specially brewed tea. Anyone who has met me in person knows I’m all about a mix of medical and natural remedies. I have been mixing my witchy poo blends for hubby and I for almost eight years now and hubby is quite proficient as well now. Some ailments must have prescribed medication, but what they can’t fix, alternative lotions and potions can either ease it or even, at times, cure. Nature is all about balance, and both have a place in our medicine cupboard. So, heading into the industrial area for a look, you can imagine our surprise to find this wonderful fragrant store with the biggest range of scented soaps, essential & aromatherapy oils, and many potions any lover of natural products would ever need. The interesting thing is the owner had so much knowledge that I’m sure if it pains you, she could find a fix—great service here, travelling buddies. So, if you are ever in Broome and wish to find that special something for that someone to make them feel better, Hidden Valley is the place to go. Here is the website if interested. 


About Ali and Smokey; Alison began researching and making vegetable soaps and scented oils, seeking quality products to sell at the local markets in 1994 when her youngest went to school. In 1995 Hidden Valley Handcrafts was registered. Within two years they had a thriving shop at the market and Smokey left his accounting job to work in the business with Alison. In 2004 they moved out of their home and turned the big Harriet Road shed into a shop front, a candle verandah and Luscious Ladies lab. For the first time they opened the doors to the public. Today they employ 8 helpers and have converted Magdalena’s cottage also on the block, to a welcoming women friendly space for workshop and therapy.

How did she do it? She started out involving the local community with an idea and took her product to the local market to test it’s viable. Something she loved to do proved popular and the business idea blossomed. Just thought those thinking of starting a small business might like to hear their story. A couple who turned what Mother Nature provides, into a viable business and even in these hard times, the shop is as busy as ever. 

Animal Kingdom in Spring

The best thing about staying in a Bush retreat this time of year are the babies. Spring hoppers and flappers adorn the bush, and the trees with new life and song. How could you not take advantage of a stay in this nature park. So many we saw, but missed with the lens so we will leave that joy to those of you who do get up this way. Happy songbirds, joeys and funny frill neck lizards keep us well entertained while enjoying a cuppa and a chat. 

Sleeping with the enemy

It’s not just springtime out there, but hubby is springy in bed. Please explain! Well, not sure how others sleep squashed up in these little vans but my hubby is over six foot tall and if he spreads his arms, his fingers almost touch each side of the van, width wise. So, it is very entertaining when he is having one of his “save the world” dreams. Punching, with the occasional kick and the jumping and running is not excluded in my wild nights sleeping next to hubby. It’s not unusual to be woken with the cupboard beside him getting a good wack or the one near his feet is cleared of whatever he has left on it that night. Mind you, he sleeps right through it and in the morning, when my eyes are still in half-closed mode and I feel like sleep has evaded me all night, he wakes up as brisk as a newborn lamb. Adorably, gives me a morning hug and jots around me helping out. Could you be cross, nope, it’s just the joy of life on the road with my husband, who is in training each night to save me, and all who dare come between us. 


That’s it for another week in fun-filled Broome. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Yes, we know, the raining season is coming early and we have to make tracks soon. Maybe this weekend if all goes to plan, but with our anniversary on our doorstep, this might just be the place to stay until then. Let’s wait and see what fate has in store for us this year.

Until next time travelling buddies, enjoy your week wherever you are and remember to look around, read the signs, and follow your heart and path to what makes you happy.

Shebbie out!

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