Pink Lake

45 minutes out of Kalbarri we had to stop and admire this pretty Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon) at Port Gregory. This scenic fishing village is encircles by five k’s of exposed coral reef and is a lovely holiday destination which attracts those who have a passion for fishing or diving. Port Gregory is located near the mouth of the Hutt River, and was developed to serve the Geraldine Mine at the Murchison River. This being the first site for mining in Western Australia! 

ALIEN Territory

Since a young teen living in outback Western Australia, stories of alien sightings and abductions have fascinated me. The many strange lights and flying saucer were enough to raise a question in any impressionable teenagers mind – are we the only ones living in our universe and beyond?

My own father told a repetitive story of a bright light that followed him for many kilometres way behind him in the distance. Suddenly it shot up to him with unexpected speed. And knowing my hot wheels dad, he was already travelling above speed limit so for it to catch him, in an instant, sounded strange. At first, he thought it a motorbike as there was no car outline surrounding the amber glow. In fact, sitting behind him, the light was so bright it was blinding, and the intensity had him indicate to pull over when as suddenly as it was upon him, it seemed to move up and over him and disappeared. He looked back in the rearview mirror, side by side and the road ahead. All was in darkness except for his own car headlights shining the way. It just vanished into thin air. The experience puzzled him for many years. He said he was coming home from a job and it was a long trip. Had recalled feeling weary and believes they were looking out for him as it sure woke him up.

With that story in mind, while taking snapshots of Western Australia’s outback, the many flat top mountains with crumbling remains around the top was questionable. Why were there so many flat-topped mountains? It was as if something had simply removed the tip of each mountain. Looking around at the flat landscape with just one of these hills dotted here and there, and very close by, there always seemed to be a smaller hill, made up of large boulders and rocks. Is this the remains of the tops of those mountains? With my fantasy writers hat on, it leads me to wonder if these flat surfaces on each mountain were created by aliens to land their space crafts on. And seeing the extent of mountains like the image below, leads one active mind to wonder just how many UFO visitors we have had over the centuries. I will leave this for you to ponder, travelling buddies, and also leave the phenomenon up to you while travelling this vast countryside, whether it is true or false. Let’s face it, the state is huge, flat, and just the right place to hide a spaceship or two while exploring those dusty plains. 


A Pilbara sighting

There have been numerous reportings of UFOs.

This bizarre footage below was captured and written off as a bright green meteor shooting across the sky in the Pilbara. Sure!

The footage which lit-up the sky (and social media) was taken about 1 am on Monday morning at Cape Lambert, about 40km north of Karratha.


Click on the link to read more.

End of Spring

It’s the end of Spring and yet we were continued to find the prettiest of flowers braving the sting of the summer to come. And look at these deep yellow bursts of sunshine brightening up the natural bush brush. Dotted throughout and colour perfect these flowering trees lined a path to our destination. 


And this unusual cloud formation. As if a perfect line had been painted across the sky like a silver lining. The line ran parallel beside us for many kilometers.  The colour changed to a lighter shades and yet the same line, same height from the horizon stayed the same until the trees thickened and went out of view. Took the second shot through the dirty windscreen but just wanted to show you how the scenery changed, sky not so much. 

Gin Gin WA

Found a sweet little town to call into for lunch and so glad we picked this one. It was adorable with its iconic bridge, lovely gardens and a nature-based bridge to walk along after eating. We could have gone to the lovely Cafe in the park, but we already had the billy on so opted for IGA’s fresh rolls and meat. Went down nicely with a hot cuppa. Plenty of room to park the van and sitting under the century-old trees and with the lush green grass underfoot, it was a treat after being locked up in a car for a few hours. 


What a diverse city this is. At one end of town, it’s suburbia lost in time and the other, reminds me of a modern Italy with channels and the most divine bridges that give the impression you are in Venice, the only things missing, are their traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boats, the gondola.

Mandurah has sad memories for us too, of my eldest sister Bev, who passed away from cancer at the young age of 42. But the memories of visiting here and sitting up all night talking seems like just yesterday. Yes, she was quite the chatterbox. When Bev and my sister Karen got together, none of us got a word in edgeways. They bounced off each other, and the many laughs had me staying until I had to leave, so never really got to drive around and see Mandurah itself.

Now I have the opportunity to revisit Mandurah, I see why Bev chose to live with her two beautiful girls and husband. It is, country meets the sea, and the works continuing around the coastline will be amazing and sure to be a welcoming holiday destination when completed. For those who have never been here yet, I recommend at least a week’s stay to see what we are seeing, experience the lifestyle, go to the markets and eat a leisurely meal at a reasonable price while looking over ocean waters. It is very picturesque and friendly.  

A bit of bush country living 5 minutes up the road along the Serpentine River. 

 Left Broom 29th Oct 2020 

Travelling itinerary, Sheebie’s trip down south for xmas 

  1. Stanley rest area free 24 hr site
  2. Port Hedland RV rest area free site, 72 hours. (At the racecourse. Lovely breeze near the ocean and has internet.)
  3. Robe river rest stop free 24hr site
  4. Barradale pools rest area free 24hr site
  5. Exmouth RAC caravan park. (7 days)
  6. Coral Bay for lunch
  7. Lake Macleod rest area free 24hr site
  8. Carnarvon for lunch
  9. Edeggee North rest stop free 24hr site
  10. Nerren Nerren rest area free 24hr site
  11. Kalbarri Murchison River Discovery Park (6 days)
  12. Geraldton RV Park free 72hr site
  13. Tuarts Reserve rest area free 72hr site
  14. Gin Gin for lunch
  15. Perth (bush stay)
  16. Mandurah Caravan and tourist park
  17. Final destination for 2020. Busselton caravan park (Christmas vacation destination) see you all in 2021

Well, travelling buddies, Shebbie has travelled over 3 thousand kilometres since we left Broome and have pulled up stumps for Christmas, beachside, in the lower Southern region of WA. An area we can’t wait to explore. Caves, lighthouses and the most pristine beaches will be some of the spots we will be visiting. So, where ever you are my friends, have a very merry festive season and if you are out on the road, drive safe stay safe.
We look forward to catching up with you again in 2021. Gosh, is it really here so soon.

See you all in the new year! Love from the gypsy duo xx

Shebbie Out! 

Cartoon pictures by the very talented artist, David Green

If you have time to share, our readers would enjoy hearing what adventure you have planned for this festive season.

Or maybe you’d like to just say hi.

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