Hi there travelling buddies

Other campers are always curious when they hear we live in our van. Here is the question frequantly asked for those interested.
Camper question: How do we managed to fit everything in our van needed for living in it full time.
Me: We keep enough clothes for 7 days and if we buy a new Tshirt, an old one has to go. (Of course, anything worth saving is given to charity.) We have room for 3 pairs of shoes and warm boots. If we buy a pair of shoes, an old pair has to go.
Basically, anything bought is a replacement or we just don’t buy.
Fridge and food is the same. We carry enough food for 14 days only. Can’t over buy as we have no room. Use by dates dictate here.
Even our towels are carefully selected so the are not big and bulky and wash and dry quickly.
We have room for one change of sheets and again, if we buy another set, the oldest set goes out. Everything has a useby date in our van so it’s never cluttered.
Buy a new mug, one goes out. And so on. For those packing for a big trip. Pack only enough dishes and utensils for two meals. Why take more? They have to be cleaned after each meal anyway, or risk attracting ants, flies and rodents. And you don’t need to share so no use taking extra. Every camper carries their own gear and when chatting outside, it’s always BYO. (Never been asked for a cup of sugar yet lol.)
We keep in the draw under the stove, two 14″ fry pans with lids and two small pots with lids. Under the sink is, one wok and an airfryer. (All cleaners are kept in ensuite cupboard.) Everything else that can’t be cooked in the pots and pans etc. above goes on the BBQ.
Lastly is blankets. We keep one summer and one winter. (Winter is stored in cupboard as we follow the sun.) But if it does chill down it is on hand.
The trick is when using something, wash and put it away asap. If we drop something, we pick it up and if we use something we put it back where it belongs. Otherwise we would be tripping over stuff all day long.
Our motto is keep it clean, keep it safe.
So, take care of you camping buddies. It’s a simple life, keep it easy, so you get to enjoy each moment as it comes.

After breakfast we leave it spick and span. 15 minutes. Team effort.

Without routine when camping it can become hard work. We found a way to make it easy. I mean, take a look. We are having a blast and after, we come home to no mess and stress free living. 

See you on the road my friends.


Happy travels

Shebbie out!


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