Derby to Darwin
Day 7

We left Litchfield and drove to Florence Falls. After a picnic lunch, we walked the path with many others to the lookouts along the way. All gathering and taking a turn to view the beautiful waterfall below. The last 135 steps down plus some rock steps we left to those who were able and who were going for a swim. Instead, we stood at the final viewing deck to enjoy the magic sounds of water flowing, and happy squeals and chatter from the crowd swimming in the cool running lake it gushed into. Florence falls are must-see travelling buddies. The atmosphere and view were gorgeous.
Next, we stopped at Buley Rock hole. This was more packed than the waterfall. Hundreds of tourists were around the area today, and it was only Tuesday. By the weekend I doubt we could move, never mind jag a park as we could today. The swimming hole was a peaceful walk, and we made it all the way. As you can see in the pictures, both places were outstanding and worth travelling here to see them.
On our way home, we stopped at the termite site. Wow, these in NT sure are busy little fellows.
It was a big day, hot and sweaty with humidity high, but we enjoyed every minute.

Derby to Darwin
Day 8

Went to Zebra Stone in Litchfield. It was worth a look. The rock formation was interesting and something different, but jewellery didn’t enthuse. No one was taking pictures so thought it best not. Guess it is something I’ll leave for you to experience one day. Stopped at their shop and had morning tea to make up for not buying a piece of jewellery. Not that it wasn’t beautifully crafted, but I am not into jewellery. It’s never interested me that much. Have my favourite meaningful pieces I wear and if they break or I lose them, hubby replaces them for me. My necklace never comes off. Hubby bought it for me as a wedding gift and although the chain has been replaced twice, the diamond pendant I continue to hold dear to my heart. 
After another nice drive, we pulled up and had lunch at the BP in Batchelor. Wow, what a surprise. We thought it was just a cafe but no, the lavish bar and restaurant got five stars from us. Good service, yum food and although it got busier the longer we sat, it just added to the experience for us as those around chatted to us like old friends. So, do yourselves a favour and make a pit stop here for a meal.
Later, we went for a walk around the Butterfly Farm. It even had donkeys, pigs, etc. But for $34.00, and to only have 4 varieties of butterflies, it was a bit of a rip. An experience we are happy to have but the sort you say, never again. Chuckle.

Derby to Darwin
Day 9

Set off early to see the Wangi falls. The area was shut to swimmers due to croc sightings after the floods but we were.allowed to get in and admire the view. Today the weather threatened rain and looked like we might be in for storm if the clouds got any darker, but we were in good spirits and thought, why not. The Cafe we were told was closed so after I packed a picnic lunch, we braved the angry clouds, and headed out. Glad we did. It was our last day here so wanted to see the rest of the National Park waterfalls.
Wangi falls was our first stop and was pretty as a picture. And even though the dark clouds made the water look black, nothing dampened the long walk through the trees and bush to glimpse more. After seeing all the tables and seats were taken on our way back, we got out of the clicky chairs and enjoyed ham and potato crisps sandwiches, and a coffee while listening to the waterfall. Yes, it was quite beautiful.
On the way home we stopped off at Greenant Creek and took a 1.3k stroll out to Tjeataba falls. Rained so abandon the dirt track when it got slippery.
Surprised to find one more touristy attraction we didn’t know about.
Tolmer Falls and gorge in the tabletop range.
Last one for the day. I’m glad it was a short walk as we tuckered out and headed home for Larry lie down.
So that wraps up our trip to the Litchfield National Park. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Tomorrow we are off on a new adventure on our way to Darwin. Hope you can join us. 🥱👍🥰

Derby to Darwin

Day 10

Left the National Park and drove through Bachelor. Had to take a picture of this kid’s Castle on the way out while stopping for morning tea after our pack up. Selected 2 fresh yummy slices of chocolate cake and sat with our coffee soaking in the last few moments before leaving this area.
On the road again, we couldn’t have been more surprised when ducking in to see, Manton Dam. There was not a tourist in sight. What! Found out why.  The dam wall was closed off and we were only able to see the river. But there was a nice walk over wet land and the boat ramp allowed us to take some photos. No crocodile a lurking, sorry. 😀 
We arrived at Berry Springs a bit earlier than expected as Lake Bennett was blocked off with road works. Will try another day. So, instead, we had lunch at Johnny’s Cafe, got some bottled water from IGA and both were there in time for our doctor’s appointments. Difficult getting scripts as we travel around but we are getting to seeing a doctor here and there. Mostly the visits have been via telephone.
We have settled into the AAOK caravan park for a week so we can look around. $150.00 for an unpowered site for 7 days (7th day free) and that will do us nicely. We have just purchased an extra 250w portable solar so power won’t be an issue for us. Although, as I write this, it is 7.30 pm and still hot. Our trusty 12v fans are still on high so aircon might have been a treat but not really necessary. We checked prices before selecting this caravan park and others in Darwin were around 4 to 5 hundred dollars a week for the same thing, so this is a good deal.

So, here we are, 25minutes from Darwin, flat on our backs watching a movie with the fans going full blast. It’s a stinker and so humid with so much rain around.
Tomorrow we look forward to exploring. Join us. It’ll be fun.

Yes, finally, we are at Berry Springs, just a hop skip and a jump from Palmerston and Darwin. So, it’s goodnight from us. Hope you enjoyed our trip. Tomorrow is a new day, and we have lots of exploring to do. Hope you can join us next time when the car gives us grief and the six days planned stretches with the budget. Money and time! Easy come easy go. Chuckle.

Shebbie out!

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