Hi there travelling buddies.

Day One

We left Derby and out on the road; I had to keep reminding myself we were not in a boat. We sure road some waves on that crazy sealed highway as we headed out of WA. Our destination is NT and hope you enjoy what we share about our travels through the Kimberley.

First overnight stop was supposed to be Fitzroy Crossing lodge. $50.00 a night if you please. But just before there was a 24 hr overnight free stay, we thought we would call in and check out first.

Wow, we were glad we did. A dozen vans were already set up and settled in for the night, and as we sat back in our camper chairs chatting to our neighbouring happy campers, another dozen pulled in. However, at sunset we left our chatty neighbours to take a few pictures to share with you and headed back to the comfort of our recliners to enjoy some chicken pasta and a cuppa before lights out.

Here were some happy snaps of today’s journey. Look forward to seeing Fitzroy Crossing tomorrow.

Goodnight from a couple of weary travellers.

Day 2

By the time we got up, had breakfast while watching a series, with coffee in hand and ready to leave, we were alone. The 24 odd caravans that pulled up for the night had all gone. And it was only 9.15. Seriously, what is that important you would bust your pooper getting there. It will still look the same and still be great no matter what time of day. And you won’t be tired from getting up so early. We think travelling should be savoured, enjoyed at a steady pace. Take in the moment, snap that perfect shot and sit quietly and soak in the surrounding Mother Nature has so kindly left behind in her wake. It shouldn’t be a race yet all the retirees we met last night must think it is. Shaun said they might be scared they won’t get there at all 🤣🤣🤣.

This was our day.

Arrived in Fitzroy Crossing, around 10 ish. Filled up at the servo and pulled up at the information centre. It didn’t look near as scary as it was 26 years ago when we were here on the bus trip to Geikie Gorge. I was still nervous when we stopped at the IGA to get bottled water, as there were many aboriginals sitting around outside watching us like hawks. Tried to act cool, but it is hard for me. You see, when I was in my late twenties two mums sent their kids in the doggy door of our home, and they pinched two handbags. I chased them but while I talked to one mum, the other came running back at me full pelt and punched me in the throat. I never saw them or my bag again. But I always feel a bit of fear now. Dug in close to hubby as we walked by. Don’t know why I should worry, but I am an older lady now and not so tough anymore.

After, with not much else to look at, we headed off across Fitzroy River and to book into a caravan park to do some washing. Was too exhausted to do it at Derby after we finished looking around. Two nights go by quickly. It is only one full day but who wants to wash when there was so much to look at.

So, we stopped at the Fitzroy crossing lodge and caravan park. Clothes all clean and ready to leave tomorrow if we feel up to it. Hubbies back is still giving him grief from the pack up at Broome. Plus, he got a small dose of shingles from the COVID-19 jab so we may stay one more night. See how we feel tomorrow. But at $50.00 a night, we might move on. But beautiful and relaxing here under the tall soft leave trees we parked under.

Day 3

Big day in the car today. We stopped at the cliff for some lunch and were amazed by the scenic views surround us. We felt insignificant against our surroundings. Picturesque and shamefully boastful of how uniquely beautiful the Kimberley is from up high, yet not far off the well-used highway.

Later, pulling into our destination for the night. Mary Pools was packed tight with vans and campers. We squeezed in, and many squeezed in after us. Not sure how, but we all fit. Maybe around 80+ vanes tucked in for the night, happy to walk and take happy snaps of Mary Pools while strolling in the evening failing light.

Perfect stopover if you are looking for company.

Day 4

Many vans looked settled in for over 24 hours as we drove out. Cows meandered across the road, which added to this lovely spot we leave behind.

We stopped to take pictures of this pretty countryside the palate of natural shades quite stunning.

Pulled into Halls Creek for lunch and had a look around. Found a little artwork on the buildings, but basically a quiet little town at this time of night.

Bedded down for the night at Bungle Bungles (Spring Creek) free campsite for the night. Smaller footprint compared to last night although just as packed by nightfall. If you are doing the free camps this time of year, make sure you arrive early to get a suitable spot.

Day 5

Today we stopped over at Warmun Roadhouse, also known as Turkey Creek. It was a genuine surprise to walk in and see a petrol station so organised and clean. Looked like a mini supermarket. So, we bought a couple of Mrs Mac’s traveller pies and a coffee and sat in the garden to have brunch. Later took a stroll along the stone’s hand-painted by the aboriginals from that area.

We called into Bow River and took some shots of the mountain ranges and after our hubby sung me the Cold Chisel “Bow River” song which was very entertaining.

We couldn’t get into any caravan parks until tomorrow, so we called into Denham River free camp and pulled up stumps for the night.

Met a lovely couple of retirees travelling around on a motorbike. Good on them at their age. Very inspiring.

At wine o’clock, we enjoyed chatting with the other campers and watching the sun go down.

Lovely day.

Where next for Shebbie?

Tomorrow we are at Kununurra so will let you know what grabs our attention in this most favoured holiday destination.

Good night all

Shebbie Out!


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