Derby to Darwin
Day 1


YIPPEE! We have made it to NT. Our first day was only 100ks to Saddle Creek rest stop as it was a late start, and due to the time zone we lost an hour and a half. So, it was after 1pm before we got to our first location. We were surprised to find there was no one on border patrol to check our passes. The ones Shaun had tediously filled out online for us. Yet there were police pulling everyone up before going into WA. Us, we sailed straight through after taking a picture at the border. Pulling into our campsite for the night we were pleased to find there were a dozen other campers already settled in for the night and another dozen pulled up afwe did. It was noticeably quiet. We had a lovely views and can recommend it for an overnighter if you are up this way. Tomorrow we should reach Timber Creek unless we find interesting sights along the way. 🙋‍♀️🙋👍

From Derby to Darwin
Day 2

The stokes mountain range was something we weren’t expecting. Not at all what I thought NT would look like. Maybe flat and dry. Never imagined it to look this amazing. The vast mountains and low valleys were stunning. What an epic day.
We walked across the Victoria River and peaked through the fence but no army vehicles today.
Stopped at many photo opportunities along the way and later, couldn’t help but pull up for the day and pay for a night at the Victoria River caravan park to soak in more of the lush scenery. Honestly, when we drove through this area, to keep going and not spend time here enjoying it would be insane.
After putting a couple of loads through the wash, we walked down to the river and along the bridge (second one for today) and loved every minute of our walk. Hope you do too.
That evening we watched the sun retire with half a dozen other campers. It will take us awhile to get used to the time difference as it was 7pm before it got dark, and we all did the same as the sun. Retired for the evening after a big, exciting day.


Derby to Darwin
Day 3 & 4

Day three still had mountain ranges for a while. It was a quiet patch of road, which gave us plenty of time to reflect. Settled down that night at Limestone free camp with half a dozen other campers and chatted into the evening. Was a lovely relaxing evening.

Day three was a nightmare in Katherine, so will stay here on the way back and soak in a bit of their nostalgia then. Instead, we headed for Edith Falls, which was absolutely worth the trip. So beautiful and a credit to those handling so many tourists at this time of year. The caravan park was full so joined the 40 plus other vans parked wherever there was a spot in the car parks and lined the roadside on the way in and walked to the iconic sight. Picturesque, but unfortunately neither fit enough to tackle the track up the rocks to the second waterfall. Would have been a nice view I bet. Shaun had done it years ago, so he too was happy to hang out with me on the lower level. And how could we go past the sign offering Devonshire tea? Then it was off to camp up for the night as we couldn’t get into the Edith Falls caravan park. However, luck was on our side and we found a spot at the Edith Falls free camp (No facilities) fully self-contained only. It was next to the river and only heard a train once. Road noise was minimal where we parked up. Great place to stop if you get caught out. No booking with most of these caravan parks makes it hard. They just tell you to be there at 8am and first in best dressed. 🥱👍🥰

Derby to Darwin

Day 5

Today was full of interest as we followed the controlled burns to clear away the dead debris in the bush. Dried grass, bark, and fallen trees could easily ignite coming into the stifling summer heat. Visiting this state in winter has its true advantages: getting to see Mother Nature and man work together in harmony. The green grass and life restored in areas that had been cleared a few weeks ago look amazing.

At Pine Creek railway resort, we glamped-it by having a homemade pie under chandeliers and in such an opulent setting we had to take pictures for you to see. Something you might find in the city, but out here it was like, what the hay!

Do yourselves a favour travelling buddies and check out the jewel of the outback. And not just here. After a meal, walk past the Lazy Lizard food store to the pub. It will knock your cute cotton socks off. We called into the Bridge Creek rest area to kick back and have a cuppa. Only we started to enjoying chats with other campers here and getting late in the day, stayed the night. Hubby voted these toilets the smelliest ones he had ever been in, so they must have really stunk. Me, don’t be silly, I use the ensuite in the van. I’d need to put a peg on my nose, put rubber gloves on and clean that sucker before I sat my precious arse on that seat.

Derby to Darwin
Day 6

Arrived at Adelaide River in Northern Territory. I know right. They have a Victoria River, now we are travelling through Adelaide River. No wonder I’m getting confused with my states lol. There is a train museum as soon as you arrive and after, we strolled down the centre of town to the market. A chappie was selling shaped Zebra Stone. Carved animals and jewellery but we were going to visit the Zebra Stoneworks so didn’t bother buying any. However, he had better stuff and cheaper. So, if you drive through the Adelaide River market, stop in for a look. Well worth it.
After, we took a stroll through the war memorial. Very sobering.
The next stop was Bachelor, where we pulled up at the information centre to find a place to stop for a few days to enjoy the Litchfield National Park. We got an unpowered site, 4 nights for $75.00 ($25 a night 4th night free) at Litchfield caravan park. Cheap as chips compared to what we were paying in WA. We are not used to grass and trees. It’s beautiful here.
Tomorrow we visit a waterfall. Excited! 👍🥱🥰

The site wouldn’t allow me to add more to this page so have the put Day 7, 8, 9, 10 on second Blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Shebbie out!

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