Hi there travelling buddies,

Going about our daily routine, hubby and I had booked into Swan View caravan park in Perth, when COVID-19 lockdown took us off guard. Shielded from the last big outbreaks in WA was mostly because of the quick thinking and acting of the premier.

This recent February 2020 lockdown was due to one person having the virus, and what a ruckus it caused. He had gone from business to business, making thousands of us line up dutifully for a COVID-19 test. The two-hour wait and then the nose rape was more than I ever wish to experience again. Are they serious, with all the money that goes into medical funding, and the only way to test for this virus is a barbaric scraping of the back of the throat and nose? <I shake my head but comply> So, scraping done! And with a tingling, uncomfortable feeling, and smoke-filled lungs, we head home. 

Yes, a fire had started, and the smoke seemed to collect in the gully where we stay. As the day went on, the smoke worsened to a point where we did not dare open the van door or my lungs felt as if they might burst. Yes, Asthma can be a bitch. 

What to do? We were already in lockdown and the double whammy after a COVID-19 test you must stay put until receiving the results. And yet, the voice in my head said, RUN! 

By 2 pm I was frantic about my health, and hubby was finding it almost as difficult with his sinusitis as he had been struggling with since Christmas day. It was then we read on the government/COVID-19 site that your wellbeing comes first, and your health because of fires supersedes the lockdown. 

So, out came the map to find a caravan park out of the fire’s range. The only problem, spot fires were popping up everywhere. This was the reason we couldn’t go up, across, or down. However, Mandurah was clear. The fires near Rockingham were no threat to them. Thankfully, it was a caravan park we had stayed at before Christmas and sounded pleased to have us back. Putting aside the worry of the pending COVID-19 test, we booked in for a week. We hoped this time away would give legend firefighters time to contain the major fire raging out of control. 

The fear was, would we get results back from the test in time? I still felt it our obligation to make sure they contained the nasty killing virus. Lucky for us it was 4 am when I checked for our results and they had come back negative. Yay! It was okay to travel.

It was lunchtime when we finally pulled into clear skies with not a trace of smoke in the air. Our lungs had a party breathing happily. That being after washing and airing everything out.  

After our jobs of setting up and while the washing machine was purring through loads of clothes, were we able to sit down to bleed for all those who were not so lucky. Those who had homes lost them, and those brave souls who fought to save them had the bigger loss when the flames won. Over eighty properties and homes went up in smoke along with bush critters and animals not lucky enough to crawl, run or slither their way out of the fires of hell that burst forth in a raging inferno. 

Hubby and I could pack up our home and move within hours, which made us feel blessed, but our hearts felt heavy and sad for those without the means to do as we did. 

It was then we, along with everyone looking on around the globe, wished, and or, pray for rain. And as it has happened so often, when so many collectively put hands on heart and wish, Mother Nature hears our call. Rain’s came, and the fire went out, and for one more kindly act before leaving, Mother Nature blew hard and took away the smoke that could have lingered for days, even weeks. 

And although the danger has passed, we now wish to send out good tidings and fast recovery to those who lost so much. Yes, many will say they will replace the loss, but we all know, not personal family items? This heartbreak for many will go on with the nightmare of rebuilding, and fears it might happens again will be foremost in many of their minds. 

So, for just a moment, before closing this page, continue to send a wish or prayer🙏 to those who need you one more time for a speedy rebuild, stress-free and with ample funds to do so.

Shebbie out!


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