Dinosaurs live on in Richmond


Every town has its character and something special others don’t. 🦕🦖💐

Richmond has its dinosaurs and floral shrubs trimmed to perfection. A tidy, sweet town that has prehistoric bin eaters and threatening dinosaurs with teeth that even a little red riding hood would say was not normal.

Woke up to a beautiful day so took our hot chicken breast on Turkish bread and cuppas to the lake to eat while enjoying the view.

In the arvo we were joined by a happy chappy we met at the last camp in Julia Creek. Packed it in at sunset and shut the door on another lovely day.


Richmond town and dinner with friends.

Today it was a walk along the main street of Richmond reading the history of the town on info boards. Came across Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre. Free entry and interesting.

After our walk, we had a yummy morning tea at Moonstone Café at the info centre. I checked FB and someone commented on the good butcher in town. So, it was a stop across the road to grab a couple of nice steaks for dinner. Only the day got away from us, so have taken the steaks to the BBQ we have been invited to at Sharon and Barry’s. They live in  the next town called, Hughenden. Another Dinosaur destination on our trail to learn more about these prehistoric creatures.

We have kept in touch with our writing buddy, Sharon Bonthuys, since our days while in her YA writer’s group. Friendships we’re formed while having our fortnightly wine together and giving critiques. Maybe chatting about sometimes a bit more than the pages we held. Fun times, and a bond secured by like-minded people who just loved to write.

Pictures of the town stroll


Supporting writing friends.

Hughenden’s artistry


Arrived at Hughenden and once again, all these towns have something unique that sets them apart from the rest. Staying at the RV Park, we did a little sightseeing, before heading around to Sharon and Barry’s for dinner. We enjoyed snacks and drinks in the comfort of the outdoors while Barry cooked up a storm. Marinated steaks and sausages fresh from the local butchers was melt in your mouth delicious.

After, we sat with Sharon chatting about old times while Barry made us a delicious dessert. Sharon looks a million dollars with her stylish fresh look and her new man by her side. Lovely to see them so happy. Perfect couple, perfect night. Thanks guys


Hughenden Queensland. The town. 

Last day in Hughenden


The town here in Hughenden has some interesting statues and places of interest to explore. Today we walk the main streets and down to the park, before having lunch at a nice café just down the road from the info centre.

After an egg, bacon and salad roll, we took a stroll through the “dinosaur discovery centre.” Sat and watched how the world came to be and roamed through a fun expedition. There is another building in construction next to here to expand the dinosaur exhibition. Once completed, it will be a showstopper. The town has sure got that something special about it.


Free camp just past Charters Towers


Had to put the breaks on our travel plans after hubby’s glasses broke. So, like the blind leading the blind, we are doing a quick dash to spec savers in Townsville to order new ones.

Actually, not so bad, I am anal about disposing of things we are not currently using. Somehow, I missed his old glasses. So glad I didn’t see where he stashed them and so he has been wearing them. Phew!

We stopped at a 7day free camp 20 minutes outside of Charters Towers. It’s by the Burdekin River, a vast area, and called Macrossan Park Camping Area. Tomorrow we will reach Townsville and look forward to a powered site for a week. Can’t wait to pull out the electric kettle and use a pop-up toaster. Every day that camp toaster on top of the gas burner is deterioration further. Best get a new one while in the big city before my toast ends up, crisp burnt offerings. Chuckle.

Burdekin River, a huge area, and called Macrossan Park Camping Area.

Black Water Townsville

The Black Water Stadium caravan park is so very inviting. We picked well. Good clean amenities, the camp kitchen and surrounds were so clean you could eat off the floor and the sites were a nice size for a change. Last night was game night and take your meat and join in on the Friday night BBQ, but we stayed in. It’s been a big trip over the last two months, and we need a bit of time out. So, while we are cooling our heels in Townsville, and doing a couple of repairs to us, and the van, take care out on the roads travelling buddies. It’s a blast out there, but busy. 👍🙋‍♀️❤

Oh, and the Black Water Stadium caravan park so far gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from us. I breathe out and feel continent.

After a couple of days out of the car we were happy to take a drive into Willows and catch up with Shaun’s brother Keiron and his sister-in-law, Theresa. Funny how you can feel exhausted, but some people just put the zing back in your step. Had a wonderful visit with them and am glad we did go out as Keiron had to head back to Brisbane for his next shift.

Then, we heard from our besties who were in the area. They were coming to us so they could install our diesel heater in the van. What could make this day any more delightful?

Good start to our stay here.

Take care all, and those out on the road, safe travels


Shebbie out!


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