Kununurra WA

Day 1 of 4

Hi, there travelling buddies. We finally got to Kununurra. A town up north of WA just 47 kilometres from the NT border. It has only been 3 years in the planning.🤣🤣🤣 Our first stop was to catch up with Robyn Drayton, a travelling buddy we met down South and again today at the Information centre.

After, we took a stole through the small market in the park across the road before booking into our new site for 4 nights.

Settled in at the Discovery Park, we took our chairs and a cuppa over to the water’s edge waiting for the sunset to dazzle us Seaplanes flew in, leisure boats returned and a freshwater crock came to visit us. And with many of us chatting by the bank overlooking the crystal reflective lake, we got that sunset so many had told us about. Perfect finish to our day.

Day 2 of 4

Started off the days with a stroll along the glassy lake. Shopping was a chore 🛒but with pantry and fridge empty we had to make an effort or live on takeaway. Yuk. Not my idea of healthy eating. Although we got a surprise seeing Heather, a lovely lady who we ran into at Australind, Broome and although she left weeks before us, she was still in Kununurra doing some shopping. The lady is such an inspiration. She has a hearing impediment, is 78 and travels with her dog. This is her third trip around Oz and has no intentions of stopping just yet. Loving and living the dream. Amazing how we keep bumping into so many we have met before.

After we left the shops we took a trip to Ivanhoe Crossing and ended up in the afternoon taking a stroll through the mini Bungle Bungles in Kununurra. To finish off the day before calling it a night, it was a cuppa back by the bank of the river while chatting to two of many happy campers who line the bank this time of the evening. Happy hour! Greatest excuse for a get-together, ever!. And once again, lucky enough to catch sight of the stunning sky as the sun went down.

Day 3 of 4

Late start. Washing day and stayed to enjoy lunch by the river. You don’t need TV in a park like this. We merely sat in the quiet listening to birds go about their business while watching ta ta lizards, turtles and sea-plane come and go.

After, went to Diversion Dam. Didn’t see much so snatched this sky view we would have seen if we were up on one of those seaplanes. Bit out of our budget. But we can dream.

Day 4 of 4

Took a drive out to Lake Argyle. The first 10ks of road was a bit rough in spots and the unmarked patchy sealed roadbase needed a good do over. But apart from that the road does improve and the scenery becomes godsmackingly pretty. Huge mountains appear and weather had etched into them giving a uniqueness to this area.
We turned of to a sign that said “view water tank” and at the top we got to see a magnificent sight of Lake Argyle’s dam and surrounds.
On the other side of the dam was the Ord River and a small electricity plant. Beautiful gardens with trees that look like they touch the sky shaded the freshly mowed green grassed of the picnic area.
Later we had lunch at Lake Argyle caravan park cafe/pub. Checked out the infinity pool and purchased some items from the souvenir shop. Then it was off to the museum to learn a bit of history.
Back at Kununurra we sat to watch the sunset and got together with newly met friends for the last night. For tomorrow we cross into Northern Territory. (NT). Excited, you bet. And let us share… Today we have been on the road for 900 days. Wowee!

It’s pack up day and off to a new location in a new state. We both battle, to get out of these parks by 10 am. Weird thing is, they ask you not to check in until 1 pm so not sure why 10 am is the kick-out time. I want my three hours of site fees back <chuckle.>

But all good, those are the rules and with our usual one or two minutes to spare we wave goodbye to not only Kununurra but to WA.

It seems like only yesterday we arrived at the WA border excited to get to Perth to visit family who we hadn’t seen for years. And as usual, we leave two years later, with two of my three sisters not talking to me. Those two have always been family sabotage experts. They want those around them to have no life so they can worship theirs. Family! Shrug. Hopefully, this next leg of the trip dulls my memory so we can maybe still move there one day.

Unfortunately, it might have to be as it was nine grand to get our belongings over to WA to live around my family. So, it’s a scratch of the head and shrug of the shoulders as to how to save enough to get our furniture sent to a place far away from the uneasiness of maybe running into those who have smashed my “happy ever after” dream.  

Now, after 60+ years of revolving doors with those two, my thoughts are… Run!

Northern Territory here we come. Maybe this state will be kind to us. Give us clarity and direction, after this trip is done.

Oh, look! We have made it to the Northern Territory border. Yippee! 🤘🤸‍♂️ 👩‍❤️‍👨 Can’t wait to see the territory. Join us next time when hubby takes a trip down memory lane. Oh yes, and we have already got used to saying… Only in the NT. Chuckle!

Shebbie Out!

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