Kakadu NT trip.
Day 1

Bit of a mix-matched trip today. Didn’t travel far but saw a lot. Shaun took a trip down memory lane and I got to see a few sights I didn’t expect.
For an adventure, we turned off the highway and followed signs to Fogg Dam. We weren’t sure what to expect but went, anyway. Glad we did as it was a lovely little find well worth the trip out there. Lots of birdlife and other reptiles and creepy crawlers. The spiders we ducked under with a frightening shudder almost had me turn back but braved it to get to see what others who came from that direction told us were well worth the walk.
We had intentions of heading further into Kakadu but had too much fun along the way so have pulled up for the night at Mary River Wilderness Retreat. Our unpowered is $38.00. Let me tell you, with 4 toilets and 4 showers for the hundred campers here, their facilities are poor and seriously need to rethink why they must charge so much. They would only have a tiny cleaning bill.
Putting that aside, if the dude would stop banging a drum or whatever, every 30 minutes on whatever he is banging on, I might catch but a wink before morning. Here’s hoping. Goodnight all. Cheers for joining us on another adventure during our trip through the NT.

Saw a sign to Fog Dam. Dam glad we checked it out. Lovely.Β 

After lunch went on a walk through the wetlands at Fogg Dam

Kakadu NT Trip
Day 2

Arrived yesterday at the town of Jabiru. Our first stop was the info center to catch up on a bit of knowledge before visiting this area. A must-stop travelling buddy. Here we were pleasantly surprised to find a museum of all the wildlife and fauna in the National Park. It was easy to read and great to learn more about the people and the land within Kakadu.

In the town itself, we found Jabiru housing to be old and run down. Looked like the houses were built some 50 years ago and never seen a lick of paint or Reno. But who knows, it might be the harsh climate giving the buildings such derelict status.

The golf clubhouse looked great until we saw the brown rough course and then it was… No thanks. However, omg… The footy oval and soccer field were both lush green and so perfectly manicured. Nice looking clubhouses. Typical of many small communities. The football oval is always the standout. The lake is also lovely with picnic areas and a kids’ playground. There is a stunning pool in town and the shopping hub looks nice but not sure why the car park is so far from the shop.

Then we drove into the caravan park. Let me tell you the Aurora is the place to stay. Palm trees lined the entrance and the pool and spa are huge compared to any other caravan park we have stayed at. Would you believe they have poolside service for dinner?

Took a site for two nights so we can sightsee without lugging our home around with us. Our tickets purchased were to travel within Kakadu National Park for seven days, so we better get a wiggle on. We look forward to an eye-opening adventure today as we head a little further up north.

Pulled in at this rest stop to grab a cold water from the esky. Of course I took a picture. Loved the signage which became indicative Kakadu.

Stopped at the information centre just before Jabiru. Walk through the gallery and out but the pond. Well worth the look. New facilities if you need oneπŸ‘πŸ˜€

Kakadu NT trip
Day 3

Our Sunday drive was further up north to Cahills Crossing, which leads into Arnhem land. Unfortunately, you can’t enter unless you have permission and a pass. However, they have moved the Aboriginal art store to this side so we will get to see some wonderful paintings by local Aboriginal artists. After we thought we might take a stroll around the caves to see more dream time paintings and hopefully, we get to see our first croc in the wild. Yep, been travelling up north for a few months now, and not one sighting. So fingers crossed we see it and live to tell the story. πŸ˜€

What a lovely day it turned out to be. The art prices at the store were well out of our price bracket, but a must-see, guys. We were surprised to see the quality of workmanship in baskets, nicks and nack’s and even a range of earrings.

After we went walked to the crossing, later out to the caves and here we stopped and had a picnic lunch in the gardens.

Still not sighting a croc but speaking to others who had, we went back to the boat ramp and YAY! Our first sighting of a striped croc in the wild. Scarily eyed us and came our way. We were at a respectful distance away but I still got nervous and moved further up the ramp but a fish disturbed his train of thought about having me for a snack and went off after the fish. Shaun stayed put. Little toughie took some brilliant pictures with his camera. Maybe one day he will unload them so you can see them. My phone camera is useless on closeups. Pixelated too much.

So with the day done and dusted and every bone achey breakey we headed back to camp. What we did next is not for your ears. 🀣🀣🀣 Just kidding. We got horizontal all right but only to watch my series and Shaun had a grandpa nap. Poor love got sinus today so took lots of anti-bush fighters that sent him off to la-la land. He and the bush are not a great mix. Hopefully, we won’t get kicked out if he sniffles or… Coughs. Chuckle. They might send my germ-ridden sinus headed man on his way. Let’s hope he is better today.

Kakadu NT trip

Day 4

Left Jabiru and on the way to Yellow Waters visited the Aboriginal cultural centre. As these centres throughout NT, they are new and very well done. So informative. Loved walking through them. Only this one we couldn’t take photos inside. Sorry, guys. Then it was off to Yellow Waters to stay there for a few nights. Once again, they weren’t taking bookings. You had to just turn up. A notice said they were full and sent us to an alternative camping spot. All full too. So went for a walk along the Yellow Waters wetlands, as there were no boat trips available either. Monday must have been their day off?? So, with nowhere to stay, we drove an hour and a half to the next camping ground at Pussycat Flats. Nice place to stay and at a good price. $25.00 a night for a powered site. Stayed two to have rest.

Let me tell you, for me, parts of Kakadu were most disappointing. There were only two real tourist spots to visit unless you had an off-road van and could do rough tracks. And many places you couldn’t take a van as it was for wheel drive only. No pull-off rest areas or free camping. Not oldies friendly. And don’t get me started about some disgraces they call a toilet, the one out by the art gallery. Even Shaun voted it the most disgusting smell ever. So keep those legs crossed and go to the ones in the galleries or out at the caves.

Because we couldn’t get a site anywhere, we are now out of Kakadu National Park and tonight staying just outside of Katherine in a Freebie spot. Just up the road from Edith Falls. If we get up early enough, we will go for a swim before heading off.

Tomorrow we are going to Katherine Gorge. Snagged a site for a couple of night at the G’day park.

Hubby seems better now we are out of the Kakadu National Park. His sinus is easing, and I have been able to put away the Glen20 used every time he coughed or sneezed. Poor man. I think I sanitised him from the inside out. No self-respecting bug will live in him for quite some time. <Chuckle>

We are staying a few nights at Katherine to visit the gorge and have a break from the car for a day… maybe. Talk soon, travelling buddies. Stay safe wherever you are, and let’s collectively kick this Covid-19 to the kerb. We are a couple of weeks away from our second jab and our bit to help our fellow travellers and Australians will be done,

Shebbie Out!

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