Hi there, travelling buddies.

Our plans to explore Darwin had to be put on hold for 5 days because of the Covid-19 lockdown. So, instead of soaking in the touristy locations, we were stuck like pups in a kennel, wondering if this would drag out as it had on other occasions, in other places we had visited.

It was a quick trip to IGA up the road to buy some toilet roll, as we have learned that is normal when a lockdown is called. <just kidding>

But we grabbed some water and bits and pieces before IGA shut their doors.

It came as a shock as we had just packed up, ready to visit the lovely Berry Springs only 5 minutes down the road. Instead, we must dig out our masks and become masked avengers when walking from our van to the loo.

Oh well, there is an upside. Shaun spent the day fixing up 12v and 240w cords, leads and plugs hanging down, and getting tangled. Now the two TVs, inverter, speakers, night hawk, Cel-Fi and Telstra box are looking more organised. So, until we are let out of our kennel, we will wag our tongues instead of our exciting tails and amuse ourselves with a bit of park gossip.Β 


Lockdown in the NT

We have lockdown for two more nights of sleep in the NT. (Cross fingers.) Well, maybe not for us. We must get covid tested and wait for the results. So, we booked in but when we arrived at our appointment time; the police turned us away. They were full and it would take them 4 hours to clear the backup of cars. Really! Why is there only one place to get tested? There are pathologies, doctors, hospitals. Hell, give us a kit and we will test ourselves and drop it off to pathology. Seriously, talk about treating us like kids who need hand-holding.

Two days later we get another appointment. This time we are first up so happy about that. But no… We still had to wait an hour for those who turned up early without an appointment.

The worst is, lockdown finishes today at 1 pm. But for us, we are in self-isolation now for another three days while we wait for our tests to come back. <shrug> the reason we never make plans.
But that said, here are some pictures from our caravan park. Not too shabby a place to get stranded in.


Shebbie tested negative and now has freedom in the NT

What does stand out in Darwin is the way the road feels so open. All the houses and industry seem to be pushed way back from the road and although only a single lane leading in or out of the city, it feels like a big freeway.

The pretty new housing estates in the outer suburbs are quite inviting too. Chose this house as it had a matching tree next to it with a pink flower the same colour as the painted trim. Nothing new in designs but love the attention to detail Territorians put into their homes. Just thought this might interest some.

Bush maintenance.

The controlled bush burns are over in this area and look how pretty it’s starting to look as it regenerates. Snapshot on our way home yesterday arvo. Light green new growth everywhere.

Berry Springs

This magical waterland is 5 minutes up the road from our caravan park. Had to call in on our way home late afternoon for a sneak look before closing. Looking good, we’ll be back! πŸ‘πŸ˜€Β 

A problem with our solar took us towards the city and had to stop off to check out the wave pool, beach, and wharf. We had to stop for lunch anyway but weren’t expecting it to bedazzle us. Honestly, there were cafes, shops, restaurants, and pubs surrounding this surreal playground of swimmers, sunbathers, and people just enjoying the moment. Best spot ever for kids and their grownups or just grown-ups. We searched for comfortable seating and selected the coffee club for lunch and after, took a stroll and we’re further bedazzled by continual surprises.

Soaking up the sun and atmosphere of what Darwin offers puts a zing in your step and captures an enormous chunk of your heart. This is one sure fine place to visit.

We had to visit the dock as we could see it in the distance so why wouldn’t you take a peek.πŸ‘πŸ₯°πŸ˜€

A Jinx week

The new week started with a trip to the hairdresser where I got my hair cut for the first time in a couple of years. Shaun was shorn like a sheep, and both felt cooler. But that was the end of the buzz for that week. We had Murphy watching over us and anything that could go wrong did go wrong.

First, we stripped a tyre and had to get 4 new tyres for the car as the ones we had were not available here and would take up to a month to get.

Then, our 250w folding solar panels didn’t work. It was the panels that were the issue when checked. So hopefully we will get a credit coming our way and then we will have to find another brand. The new thin lightweight ones have my vote, but we will see. We have found the solar on the roof is now enough since we plugged into power for a few hours. The batteries or the Redarc must need a kick start once they switch off (which they did). A couple of nights before we lost all power, and the batteries wouldn’t charge past 28. But now they are back up to 13.2 to 14 again. All good and don’t need the extra panels. The 320w on the roof is ample again. We live and learn!

Last, we needed a 60k service on the car and our “aftercare services” has run out so got quoted $1600.00. MyCar came in the cheapest at $800.00. Still bloody steep, if you ask me.
So, over 3 grand later we hope it’s true when they say things run in threes. Let’s hope that’s it.

We figure a few weeks eating 2-minute noodles and pasta with whatever should see us right and we will be back on our feet continuing our trip.

It was not all bad, though. We got to have lunch at the massive trendy Casuarina Shopping centre yesterday, and after went for a drive to the beach at Lee point. The week ended perfectly with a comfy quiet drive home on new tyres. We talked normally, didn’t have to yell over the road noise. πŸ‘πŸ˜

But who knows, fate might be holding us here for a reason. So, if it’s another ride, other than in the car, we look eagerly to find out what.

After some Casuarina Beach time we went for a walk through the park and at Lee Point. Very pretty stroll that led back out onto the beach again.Β 

Fanny Bay! Serious. It’s a place!

Had a lovely day at Fanny Bay. First, it was morning tea overlooking the bay while waiting for the museum to open.

Couldn’t resist a walk amongst the godly monsters that are found everywhere in these gorgeous surroundings. Got Shaun to stand under one to show the enormity of these old storytellers.

The Museum, well, let me tell you I am not usually a fan of old dusty smelly relics, but this one wiped that anti-attitude off my expression as soon as we entered. Absolutely a must travelling buddies. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Next door we stopped by to watch small turtles playing and after, it was a drive along Fanny Bay.

Had to take pictures on the way back as it was such an awesome drive with so much to look at. The camera stayed planted in my lap. But found time to take some happy snaps of a well-kept, very entertaining suburb.

Yes, the Fanny Bay jokes came out hot and steamy as we drove along and laughed and had one of the best days yet. Only in the NT… πŸ‘πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨

Live turtles playing in the pond next door to the exhibition.

A drive up Fanny Bay

Well, that was the end of our time at Darwin. Had a few more pictures to add but the site has crashed and said that’s it for this blog. Hope you enjoyed what I could add and have time to come on our next adventure through Kakadu.

Until then, take care out there travelling buddies, the roads are full of vans and my final message is… If you are tripping around, check the mile per hour limit for towing in that state.Β  We have vans flying past us like there is no tomorrow.Β The speed limit might be 110 but if towing a van in some states you can only do 100/or 90 k’s an hour if towing. So, slow down and drive safely so you get to your destination in one piece. Enjoy the scenery between the destinations too, it’s all part of the experience.

Chat to us below. Love to hear from you xx

Shebbie out!


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