Stuck in Bug City

Travelling around in a caravan has many pros, but sometimes there are cons.

Like stepping into the outside elements that can sometimes challenge, souring a precious moment.
Going for a walk in the morning is energising except the weaving to avoid bull ants that gather like armies, never giving in until one or two make it past your stomping and their sting lasts long after the walk. Wasp’s bugs and beetles zip around your head and zoom in on any part of your skin uncovered.
In the showers and toilets, they crawl, fly and many crunches under your feet, and lay dead on the floor. The mosquitoes and wasps do there darnedest to have your arms turn into windmills. And it’s not uncommon to itch and scratch from their bites while sharing a toilet bowl with frogs who live in the system. The sneaky green hoppers who pop out of the water at very inconvenient times.
Enjoying the sunsets, such a magical event is fraught with danger as spiders, mosquitoes and snakes happily claim this hour as theirs, making you the intruder.
Or, a mini whirly wind, which assaults by attacking you with stones, dirt, and twigs interrupts the casual daytime stroll.
Then there are those moments like sitting outside, enjoying a different chair, watching the day go by. The winds howling either too hot or too cold. Flies, wasps and ants plague your space until finally you give up and hide back inside.
Is this living the dream in some of these bush parks or a dream to live and not get eaten to death <chuckle.> We will let you know if we make it out of here alive. 🤪🤭🤣🤣🤣

But, there are the pros.

Have a look at why we stay. What tips the scales? There is beauty everywhere. Trees in bloom and everything is so pretty this time of year. The green lush environment has given a home to many varieties of birds such as the flock of black cockatoos we see daily. Soft butterflies flitter around and it’s not unusual in the afternoon to see kangaroo’s, goannas, and the excitement of pets as they run free in the closed-in dog park.

So, when choosing a location, it’s best to know ahead what your deal-breaker is, and if pests, go armed with sprays and powders (not harmful to the environment) but tough enough to keep all the creepy crawlies a few feet away from where you sit. Because you won’t want to miss any of the other wonders the park may offer. 

What to do? Can we coexist with nature’s busy buzz critters?

Caravan and camping have become a part of our life and to see this beautiful country camping will challenge but is so worth the shudder, duck, and weave when critters come out to play.

Nature is all around, but if we keep it a few feet from our spot, the outdoor experience is much more pleasant. Here are some tricks used to keep me in my cheerful place.

     ☆As soon as you park up, sprinkle talcum powder around the wheels and hoses where they meet the ground. It does stop ants and some crawlies from entering your van. Also, I see many campers spray under the outdoor mat with surface or fly spray. I prefer to sprinkle the talc under the mat before hubby rolls it out. If the ants still persist I add some under each chair leg just for good measures. That way I don’t get bothered while sitting and enjoying the sunset.

    ☆If there is an infestation of ants, especially those nasty bull ants and talc is not working, sprinkle a bottle of lemon squeeze around your perimeter. Yep, ants hate lemon too.

    ☆If spiders are your fear, try peppermint oil in a spray bottle with water.

    ☆For flies, I mix some lemongrass oil in a spray bottle and give the furniture and awnings a quick squirt and have found that works for a while too. At least long enough to eat dinner. 

    ☆Another deterrent for flies so I am told is cloves in fresh lemon. I know cut lemon is good to deter ants if tossed around, but haven’t needed to try cloves as lemon grass oil works just fine. I even put a couple of drops in my body lotion as it keeps them pesky midgies at bay. 

As you have noticed, we look for natural deterrents first. We like pet-friendly parks where the kids are furry. None of these suggestions will hurt fur babies.

So be brave, come experience camping without fear. It’s not just the magic of waking up in the bush setting, it’s exploring during the day that will leave you breathless and in love with life on the move. If I can do it… Little miss cleanliness fussy britches that jump if I see daddy long legs, you can too. Bug city, Na! Seventh Heaven. 


Shebbie out!

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