Well, it may have taken 18 months, many kilometres and at times caused us a lot of pain, but we can proudly say we have accomplished what we started to do. Visit this state of WA and find out what secrets it hides from many of us living in Australia.

Maybe we could have been 20 years younger and on top of what we have seen, could have enjoyed the true 4X4 experience other agile campers get to see out in the wilderness, but what we have seen has been amazing, and a life-changing experience for us.

So, let me share some wisdom; don’t wait a minute longer. Forget the planning and the what-ifs, and they will present themselves on the road, where they are dealt with accordingly. Just get out there and have one of the most mind-blowing experiences not to be missed.

There are still a couple of areas we have yet to explore, and one is where we are heading to soon. The very top end will have to wait until after the wet season which will kick in shortly.

So, let’s begin with our trip to Kalbarri. Red dirt and dust changed to sand, and once we hit the turnoff, it was green and lush with spring still struggling to hold on, as it lined the roads with pretty coloured wildflowers and bushes. All I can say is WOW, it must have looked gorgeous earlier in the season when in full bloom.

    First, we stop off to admire some of the sandy landscapes. Was not expecting such a drastic change. Looked like the froth of a cappuccino with sprinkles.


    Flowers along the side of the road and scattered through the National Park

    After the turn off to Kalbarri, lushes green bushes enveloped the land with pops of colour along the road where wildflowers struggled to survive until the end of spring. Kalbarri National Park must have been a carpet of life and colour during midseason. Even now, leaving a hankering to drive back through Kalbarri during the earlier months one year to see Mother Nature in all her glory.

    Hubby and I stopped along the side of the road to make a cuppa, and while the billy boiled, we meandered along the bush edge, capturing some of its beauty for you. 

    Made it to Kalbarri

    We arrived by the seaside and parked the van up under the shade of a cool bark tree. What a cliché 🙂 But seriously, we heard this was a must-see tourist destination so, we’re both looking forward to a couple of days R&R before heading back out in the car for a look-see. We see some pull up, detach their caravans, and are back in the car and off. We get jealous, but it is what it is, and our pace has to be a healthy choice first.

    Day three, we ventured out and have become a big fan of Kalbarri. I hope you enjoy what we found.


    Young and old enjoyed an early morning lesson on Pelican behaviour and mating rituals while the kids lined up to toss smelly slimy fresh fish to the hungry billed birds of the sea. Was amazed that once the female lays eggs, they hatch after 30 days. Ugly (cute) skinny stragglers with no feathers bask in the sun, and within 60 days the parents leave the young to defend for themselves. By then, the difference between them in size is the same as their grown-up parents. The only recognisable trait is the yellow around the eyes that tinges orange as they age.

    The kids had a wow of a time feeding them, and we all got lots of laughs. Worth getting up early to join in.

    Castle Cove

    Lots to do and sites to see in beautiful Kalbarri. Every site was well paved, an easy walk and what gorgeous views they have to offer. However, in saying that, there are up to level 4 hikes for the experienced thrill seekers. Seriously, Kalbarri is a must visit travelling buddied. First stop was Castle cove and we thought, how can anything top this, but our visit as you will see just kept getting more awesome every day. 

    Natural Bridge

    Along the Indian Ocean, these iconic sites are amazing and although we didn’t spot a dolphin or whale, we did get to see some awesome views. 

    Kalbarri National Park

    We got up at sparrow fart and armed with a hot cuppa and some snacks, we headed off to the National Park. It was $8.00 entry and worth every cent. Rather than bore you with the details, let me show you this incredibly well-planned tourist must. 

    Next morning we were up with the sparrows to do some more site seeing. Not many places have we visited where I can walk and enjoy the raw secrets of ocean view’s. They are mostly humongous big steps or steep embankments making it impossible for me to endure. But here in Kalbarri, the paved pathways make it a greatful stroll for the young or the oldely. 

    Our first stop,  Eagle Gorge. 

    Pot Alley

    When we arrived, I imagined a rock shaped like a pot. Was not disappointed to see it also had a lid. <Chuckle> Actually it had nothing to do with the shape it was named after a cray fisherman who used to always lose his cray pots there.

    Red Bluff

    Another day in beautiful Kalbarri. This was a longer walk along the edge of the cliff. Strolling the paved path we stopped for a photo opportunity while reading about Red Bluff site and how it came about. Its wild life and sea swimmers were mostly hidden but it was the prettiest walk of them all with stunning views. But have to leave some surprises for you all to find when you get to explore this amazing holiday destination. 

    Jakes Point

    Jakes Point is recognised by Kalbarri as a National Surfing Reserve. It is one of the state’s most famous remote surfing breaks. The town loves its surfing and the community takes surfing and protection of the fragile environment very seriously. It was windy and wild out in the surf today and although no surfers, we could see how this was a much-loved spot for such a popular water sport. 

    Stick figures

    The entertainment doesn’t end. Driving back to town we spotted these figurines. One fishing. One surfing. In the lake close by. And check out the views as we drove down the hill. It just never ended. Beautiful one minute  awesomely unbelievable the next.

    Blue Holes

    Couldn’t resist this last look see at the sea. <Chuckle> before lunch. Blue Holes had chairs table and amenities. It was a chance to take a walk along the beach and enjoy the water close up. 

    Renowned for it’s exceptional snorkelling, the protected waters and rock pools make the Blue Holes a natural aquarium for marine life. And we are told, super safe for kids to splash about in too! 

    And although the Indian Ocean was kicking up a fuss, we could see some marine life swimming and some crawling along the ocean floor as we took a stroll along the beach.

    Kalbarri Wharf

    We finished our last day with lunch by the wharf. It was a wonderful end of an adventure that took up seven wonderful days.



    For those travellers interested in where we stayed as we drove down from Broome. Have listed overnight campsites and hours allowed to park up for free. For more free sites download the app Wiki camps or camps Australia. 

    1. Stanley rest area free 24 hr site
    2. DeGrey river rest area free 24hr site
    3. Port Hedland RV rest area free site, 72 hours. (At the racecourse. Lovely breeze near the ocean and has internet.)
    4. Peawah rest area free 24hr site
    5. Robe river rest stop free 24hr site
    6. Barradale pools rest area free 24hr site
    7. Exmouth RAC caravan park. (7 days) 
    8. Coral Bay for lunch
    9. Yalabia rest area free 24hr site
    10. Edaggee North rest stop free 24hr site
    11. Nerren Nerren rest area free 24hr site
    12. Kalbarri Murchison River Discovery Park (6 days)

    Stay safe and happy travels where ever you are, where ever you chose to stay. 

    Shebbie Out!


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