Twin sisters.

Queen Rhiannon is the bearer of light which brings peace, harmony and freedom to the souls on Earth. Queen Chandra is her rival in every way and fights for total domination of all souls on Earth. Every 100 years a Soul-keeper is born who possesses a soul, so strong, that it can replenish the world’s light, tipping the scale towards Rhiannon.

But if captured and turned evil by Chandra, it plunges humanity into a century of darkened souls who spread mayhem and chaos.

Chloe is the reluctant Soul-keeper, and when her fate is revealed she searches for a mystical being, the Armacon, who can protect her until her destiny is fulfilled. With the future of all mankind hanging in the balance, Chloe must find the Armacon and learn how to unleash the soul gifted to her. Time is running out, and she knows there is only one absolute certainty…… The