An author sits typing away at a keyboard for hours on end. While kids play and social life is put on hold, they write. The outcome is to take the reader on a journey. One where there are no other thoughts, but of the words written from the book they hold in their hands.

Sacrifices are made, and sometimes friends are lost, as time and funds are poured into this exposé that has become an epic part of your life. You cry, laugh and struggle at times through the editing process and then it’s done! Your blood, sweat and tears are published, and you hold a small testament, of this time for all to read.

Sales take off and then stall. A trickle of buyers catch on and off it goes again, each sale a flicker of worth in the yarn told. Then the cream. The topping that makes it so worthwhile.

Words that are written but not your own.

Touches of pure gold jump from your page and say…

Hi Deb,
Congratulations on Cassandra goddess of harmony, I loved it! Regards, Joan Gibson, Perth

Hey Debbie,
Just wondering when you plan to have your next book out. Just love your writing so much ? Rebecca Graham

These were pearls from my readers. Bless you both and to so many others that have supported this title.

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