Our trip to Karratha WA. Even the petrol stop had lovely views we just had to capture. No closing your eyes in the Pilbara and thinking we just need diesel. Every mile is awesome, every stop a worthwhile adventure. Have to say though, thumbs down to Miaree Pools campsite. Might still have a bit of river left but it’s so unlevel we drove straight out. The only three worthy spots were taken. So it was off to Karratha caravan park while hubby has some tests done. After an all-clear, and we have made some improvements to star, we will move on. Health will always come first for both of us. For now, it’s lunch, a cuppa, and feet up on a poof while enjoying 29 degrees Celsius and filling you in on how lovely it is here. ????

Birdies everywhere last night at the caravan park. Might need to buy a rubber snake and toss it on top of the van lol.?? Yes, bird poop is a bitch to remove from the awning. ???Glad I called dibs on cleaning inside the van only… Shaun! ????

Dampier WA.
Rustic rocks dribbled over hillsides of olive green soaking in white salt waterways looking more like egg whites slightly whipped. Amazing colours highlighted by fluffy clouds that had a cut-off point along the horizon. Home of the famous red dog, this perfect picturesque part of the Pilbara was off the charts pretty. Better known for its Iron Ore, Gas, and Salt plants, its a dark horse with many treasures. Highly recommend, this area won’t disappoint.

Karratha Salt lakes between Karratha and Dampier. The picturesque drive between the salt lakes that flank each side of the road.  

Hearsons Cove WA. Enjoyed the quiet as we had lunch. Peaceful and clean picnic area. Has facilities, BBQ, and tables under pergolas. A great rest area to stop and soak in the countryside, swim, kayak, fish, or just become hypnotised by the lapping waves of the ocean while having a wine or reading a book. You will find this little gem just outside Dampier.??Double thumbs up from us.

The fresh salty ocean was replaced by the aroma of bacon cooking in a pan as we waited for Karratha’s phenomenon, the Stairway To The Moon. Our beach sizzle at Hearsons Cove that night was delicious, and we even found in the crowd, travelling buddies from Serpentine caravan park, which topped off the night. To Tracey and Mitchell, what a lovely surprise. Thanks for the tips to find many more treasures ahead. We enjoyed catching up again. It was then, after parting ways to go back and grab for our cameras did the night spring on us one spectacular view. Wish my shots could have done justice to the large orange moon that peeked over the horizon, sending a warm glow onto the low tide that glistened and shimmered steps leading to its fullness. Feeling blessed ? ??

Get me a bowl of popcorn and a cuppa. Watching the colours change and fade as Karratha rests for the night is so much more entertaining, than staring at a TV.

A beautiful sunset as another gorgeous day in the Pilbara ends. Sleep tight travelling buddies, and at sunrise. Can’t wait until tomorrow, when we grab a cuppa stay in a cheery bliss as dawn breaks to another glorious day.????

The Pilbara may be as pretty as a picture and so worth the trip, but be prepared for your food budget to double. There are no ALDI up this way to help drive the price down. Just something to think about so stock up on dry goods before leaving home.

Also, the cost of travel is a lot higher. Could it be COVID or just normal in these mining areas that have money to burn? Some items, the increase is 50% higher. Even the Caravan Parks who we are members of, and normally give us good rates, (like pay for two, stay three nights) have stopped these deals. They say because they are so booked up but I say fooey. It’s just greed and they are using a terrible situation, when many are suffering at this time, to line their own pockets, (as the supermarkets are doing.)

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I discussed purchasing extra solar to help with the rising costs, but at that time it was manageable, and really only a want, not a need, so decided not to go ahead with it. However, since being here in Karratha, we have come to the realisation if we don’t do something drastic, our trip will be cut short. All extra cash is going on living, and there is nothing left for petrol to explore and if there is, it wouldn’t be enough to take us to the areas we would like to visit. Well, not any time soon.

It was that very day we changed our minds that we spot these Solar guys, and decided to talk to them. The price quoted was actually cheaper than Shaun could have done it himself. Understand, we only carry minimum tools and many bits and pieces and tools on top would have driven the price up much higher for us to purchase items and install ourselves.

So we said yes, and you know why? Because we wish to do more free camping and keep in our own pockets the exorbitant site fee in caravan parks. And mind you the only reason we were going there in the first place was to use the electricity to wash our clothes. With these renovations our little washer will tick away nicely now with the extra solar, extra battery and inverter installed.

Oh yes, and we have considered the water, and have watched how others do it. Most use a natural clothes cleaner that only requires a pump per wash and doesn’t need to be washed out of the clothes. The machine is set on wash and spin cycle only. It needs no rinsing. 

Caravan Park need to think about this foolish step to clean up during COVID, cause many like us that love to travel, will find another way. And as you can see we have and now set up, we will now be moving along. School holidays over, the trucks and us travellers will dominate the highway again! Toot Toot! big buddy, we are coming along for the ride. <chuckle>  

Here is the solar man putting a 320wt solar panel on roof. Inside the van they installed an extra battery, an inverter, and a new remote regulator. And they put the inverter and regulator where hubby can reach it, not under the bed. Yay!

If you want to have more power like us and avoid the money-grabbing parks, and are up this way, we recommend these guys. Top job, good service and mighty nice people. Contact Facebook #6starelectrical Karratha. Best service ever. ⭐⭐ from us.

There is also another surprise happening to our Star, but it will have to wait a tad longer. The company here could not get it done in time for us so their parent company will complete the job. So excited, can’t wait to see the end result. But that is for another day.

Keep safe out there travelling buddies, keep a safe distance when talking to other campers and if someone coughs… Run!!

Shebbie out!

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