Hi travelling buddies, 

What started out as a trip down memory lane, surprisingly became so much more. After 25 years we thought our trip here could not top the honeymooner’s haven we had experienced all those years ago. And yet we stayed longer than we should have, the decision an easy one. Pushed for time, we figured a few days would do it. Have a look around at the old stomping grounds and be on our way. Only we did not expect to find not only the magic of yesteryear held more joy for us, but real-life friendships we experienced in our rustic bush retreat of a caravan park will always be cherished.


 Broom’s best kept secret. Check out this bush retreat! 

If you are looking for a quiet prairie haven with lush green trees, pretty seasonal flowers and the gentle songbirds who come to visit from time to time, Broom’s Gateway is the place to come. It was the cheapest place in town, so we had no idea what to expect when we arrived. At the entrance, the real estate, in their wisdom had placed a for sale sign for the property next door right on the caravan park driveway. Our immediate thought was wow, this will be a dive if they are selling. But continued down the driveway as we had already booked.

‘Maybe stay one night’ I said, but hubby wanted to turn around, and are we glad we didn’t. This gorgeous, friendly bush retreat was adorable from the moment we go to the reception. With its rustic charm and old-world hospitality, it was a winner from the start. No powered sites or dump point but those who normally glamp-it, shouldn’t be in this fresh air roughing it here, with the aroma of spring bursting from its bushes. They need to be down the road paying $60.00 per night, not here where the large, clean en-suites and boys toys size sites are mere $30.00 a night and 7th night free. Other fun facts about this bush retreat is a dog run for your family pet, and a big fire is lit in the pit on Thursday nights so camping buddies can get to know each other and sit around and chat after dinner. On the weekend they put pork on the spit and cook a yummy roast for Sunday lunch and after, the football match streams live to make wine o’clock more enjoyable for those wishing to partake.

So, if you are sick of getting snubbed and poor service, come to this bush retreat where you will meet friends who last a lifetime. We did and still having a blast. We met these two couples, and we all hit it off from the gecko. The table and all those around us were packed just after this picture, but our camp buddies were too much fun for me to remember to take more photos. We give this four and a half stars out of five, only because the council won’t let them put in a dump point for selfish reasons and there was no electricity. But who needs it if you are self-sufficient and set up for real life on the road?



Driving onto this massive, gorgeous beach was a real thrill. Dark rocks poked from the white sand and the low tide left crystal clear pools of water between them that looked like glass. Tyre tracks left in the wet sand smoothed out and led us to an ocean of turquoise and blue. Pulling up, our eyes were drawn suddenly to the pretties horizon blushing with a large orange sun that slipping away beneath the edge of the water. If that wasn’t magic enough, the sunset flooded the sky with gold and orange until it blushed deep red and then settled into the blackness of night. The only flicker of light left were glistening stars that shed a glow on the now calm ocean as its salty water flooded the beach once more.

Minyirr Beach

Driving through Broome to Minyirr beach threw a bit of light on how the rest of the other half live. Cable Beachside of Broome is all tourists and elegance, showy clean and new. The other side lives more in tune with day to day issues where Indigenous Australians seek shelter under trees in park areas. Some had tents but mostly just sat in a circle surrounded in rubbish and drinking vessels were strewn away without care ignoring calls of council cleaners that bins are provided. Other’s lined the footpaths preferring cement and grass to public seating. Housing in some areas are in disrepair, and then you turn a corner and pride shows in every home. Vibrant flowered gardens and trees of remarkable stature. Diverse, yet stunning is this thriving town unaware of its true beauty. Can only show its remarkable charm through a few happy snaps. The day was cloudy, but our eyes were wide open—a learning experience but even so, a perfect day in every way.

The last two pictures I stood in the exact same spot but turned one way, and the sky was blue with wispy white clouds, the opposite way, dark and gloomy 50 shades. Seriously weird.


Shebbie’s time in the sun

The best fun of all has been the walks down memory lane and enjoying Broome one more time. The stunning views, the walks, a meal in the cafe overlooking the prettiest ocean and beach you could ever wish to see. And, after the many morning tea and dinners on the beach, we dipped our toes into the cool water and strolling along the flat sandy surface. Here are some of the moments captured. (Sorry, but I had to trim the videos as some were too long to go up on this site)

What’s next for Shebbie

Currently, we are waiting for our two Lithium batteries to arrive. We had an issue with our old AGM battery which drained out the new battery, so to stop having the flat battery issue we are going with Lithium The outlay set us back a couple of grand but well worth it. They have a switch-off point to stop them draining, and they charge quickly. Expecting them any day now. But this has caused us to re-look at our travelling plans.  Another travelling buddy who is in Darwin has said humidity is high already and they are expecting the rains earlier this year. So, we have decided to spend the spring driving back to SA. And visit NT in the cooler months next year. 

How our travels change from day to day. But we will take our time as always and pick up the locations we were unable to visit. 

We kick ourselves we had dagged around waiting for others to be ready and not left when we were in Shark Bay in February. Oh well, we make these judgement calls, and sometimes they work out, sometimes not. But as we have said before, this is our way of life, not just a holiday.  Some people can afford a house, some of us can only afford one with wheels. We are happy we are just blessed enough to have a roof over our head and a love for the life of a gipsy. 

So, until next time travelling buddies, let’s just say, whichever way the wind blows, you will find us.

Chat soon, Shebbie out!

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