We are thrilled to be able to release a paranormal urban fantasy titled, SOULCASTERS.

This novel is the brainchild of fantasy fiction author Debbie Behan, and one of her most amazing creations. This story of “good verse evil” will take you into a world where there feels as if there is no end to the danger our young heroine faces. Just before her 20th birthday, Chloe finds the fairytale’s she was told from an early age were not stories at all but were true. Her life suddenly turns into mayhem as she is tracked by evil and becomes a target as she gets tangled up in a world of suspicion, magic and all things evil. She worries how she will live long enough to fulfil her destiny, and if this Armacon she seeks, can save her? If she could just find who or what this Armacon was, maybe there is a chance.
One thing is for sure, the Soulcasters are coming!

Soulcaster eBook or paperback is now available in all online book stores. For Australian readers only, the paperback is available and all other countries can purchase through Amazon.com.

BKB has put up a link to order direct using “PayPal or direct deposit only.” This is due to Amazon Australia selling the novel at a ridiculous amount by third-party sellers.

1 X SOULCASTERS (paperback format) $20.00 each plus postage. (approx. $11.00 via Australia post)

If purchasing Soulcasters or any of Debbie’s books that interest you, could you please help the future sales of her novel by leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

Thanks to all our fantasy adventurer friends who have taken the time to come and visit us at www.debbiebehan.com

Talk soon!

Cheers from Shaun and Debbie xx

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