The story: Cassandra Goddess of Harmony

Cassandra was no normal child and in her late teens, after some supernatural unexplained accidents, her parents had her “taken care of.”
It was in turmoil and facing possible death did she meet Kayden, who was no ordinary man either. He trusted no one, especially women. But Cassie wormed her way into his life and eventually, his heart. Yet this love for Cassie would be met with many uncertainties as they battle to save stars and those she now holds dear. Her life entangled in his, has her face Cosmic adventures, captivity, and near-death experiences. Right until the end, Cassie fights to fix those broken and to keep a man she now loves, more than all the stars in the universe.

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A taste of what is to come in Cassandra Goddess of Harmony.

Kayden only knew one way to access her powers and knew she wasn’t going to be happy with his plan to get the best out of her, but he would do anything to protect the star world under attack. It was her first mission and time to prove her worth as a team member.

Kayden looked around, annoyed, wondering if Zoren was watching the balls-up this mission had become. He hoped he was giving his people a good serving for their inadequate report. Now good and cranky, he focused back on Cassie, his eyes glowing, face taut and temper flaring. “Don’t look so damned innocent, Cassie. You called out to Alex in your sleep last night. Jeez, I could have slapped you. He was hardly the only one either. I saw you with Woody before, giggling in his arms. You were flirting and wanted him too, didn’t you? Please don’t give me that look of purity. It won’t work on me this time, bitch! You think I’m bloody stupid enough to think you kept that hot body just for me for all those months? Please!” He rolled his eyes, growling out the final words through gritted teeth. Cassie was crimson with rage. He knew it was a cheap shot but goddamn it, not a total lie. It made him so jealous when he thought of her with another that it did his head in. She screamed out and her hand came up to swipe his face. Kayden grabbed her wrist, going nowhere near that hand and pointed it to the Comet. A thunderous bark roared out of him. “Use it … now!” Kayden could feel Cassie’s anger as she threw her hands at the fireball hurtling towards them. The bolt of light that shot out of her hands hit the invader and blew it to dust. She was everything he thought she could be and more. Kayden loved her so much right then that he could hardly breathe. He could feel her excitement buzzing through him for what she had just done but it was too soon to celebrate as it was far from over: that had been only a small part of what was coming. “Cassie Wyatt! Pull it together and help the boys or they are going to die! Clear those damned meteors now!” Kayden barked the new order at her, pointing to what he needed cleared out the way. While she opened a path he watched Woody and Conor who were already on the other Comet. A large piece of meteor was heading straight for them from an angle they’d missed. Shit, too late for me to pull them out. He straightened his posture with threatening intent, keeping up his grumpy facade. “Cassie, help Woody!” he commanded in a tone that pulled her out of her rage to listen to him. Her head swung around, she glanced in the direction he pointed and with lightening speed thrust both hands at the huge ball of dense and impenetrable rock, lifting it away from them before she blew it up far from where it could do them any harm. Kayden looked up and saw nothing left but soft flakes of blackened soot that blew over Woody and Conor in a dirty cloud, her delivery and execution faultless. As she cleaned up other smaller meteors around them Kayden left her line of sight to check on Ethan and Jason. They were really struggling to get a grip on the Comet as they fought the meteors hurtling at them with velocity. The unstable axis had them spinning and changing direction every millisecond. Kayden knew his men were running out of time. He had to see if Cassie could stop it, except he could feel her powers draining as she began to enjoy herself. She was so immersed in what she was doing, thoughts of the nonsense he fed her were not fuelling her anger any longer. He stretched his neck, cracking it each way and psyching himself up. He needed her and wished he didn’t have to make her angry to access those special gifts of hers. “Zoltan, pull Jason and Ethan out and have the horses stand by for clean up.” Kayden pointed the location. Zoltan let out a sound that was almost human and thrashed his head: he was also feeling Cassie’s power and it was spiking his adrenalin too. Kayden snatched Cassie’s arm as it went up for another strike, careful not to go anywhere near those hands. “You ever two-time me again, Cassie and I swear I will make you pay so badly those bruises you had when I first met you will look like bloody fingerprints. Do you understand?” he snarled and she nearly pulled out of his hands she was so livid. “Cassie.” He controlled his voice but kept it firm and commanding. “You can give it to me when this is over but Jason needs you so do what you came here to do and blow shit up. We need you to take out the other Comet. There is too much debris surrounding that one. It’s totally out of control and getting far too close.” Kayden let her hands go, praying she threw her anger toward the whirling invaders and not him. Shit, he really felt he went too far that time. Her eyes were pits as she glared at him. He glanced about, the danger was closing in. Woody and Conor just about had their Comet out and were readying their horses for clean up. Even if Kayden called them to come and help this side, they would never get here in time. He watched with bated breath as Cassie flung him one more glare that would kill. All of a sudden he felt her draw from him. How the hell was she doing that? She had somehow linked back to Zoltan and him, snatching power from them both. Kayden slumped as he was temporarily drained and he knew it was going to be a huge hit this time. As that thought left his mind he could only watch and wait as Cassie pulled what she needed and threw both her hands up together with massive force. Silver streams of lightening shot out from her in every direction. ‘Jesus Christ!’ Kayden hollered in his mind to his men. ‘Did you see that shit?’ The men all nodded, punching the atmosphere with their fists. The explosion was so fierce Kayden had to hold himself and Cassie with everything he had left or they would have blown off Zoltan. Even after the strike, the noise still thundered around them. The impact was so intense she not only blew the Comet out of the sky but also cleared a path of meteors with it. In one blast, she had just about cleaned the entire field. ‘Superlative,’ was all Kayden could think to whisper out. In all my life, I have never seen anything like it, he relayed to the others, amazed. After the intensity of the power surge, Cassie went limp in Kayden’s arms. Her mind was still alert but she was drained and exhausted, needing time to recharge. “Way to go, sweetheart, you did really well. Just relax now. The boys can take it from here.” Holding the biggest treasure the world would ever see, Kayden sat contentedly, knowing his team had kicked butt. It took everything he had left not to shout, punch the air, cry, laugh and take the beauty in his arms, making her feel the joy she had just given to him. There was not going to be one part of her luscious body that he would not kiss and thank as soon as he had her alone. But for now she needed some calm time to recharge. When the men were done, Kayden knew he could draw on the power of their adrenalin rush to give Cassie’s energy back.