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Shebbie in Oz – A story in every town

Hi there, travelling buddies. This week we dabbled into the history of Broome and found stories associated with WWII. To start our trek into time, we had to wait for a very low tide so we could get out far enough, to view and take photos of the wrecks of Catalina and...

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Shebbie Oz Adventure – Broome in Springtime

Hi there, travelling buddies. Don't let the dry red dust, whirly winds or heat scare you away during spring. Broome has its own way of showing off during this season. Down south's cooler weather and rains may have encouraged pretty displays of wildflower ground cover,...

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Shebbie Oz Adventures – West Oz diners and spinners

Hi there, travelling buddies. It's been a hot six weeks here in Broome but what an experience.  We have met some lovely people, been able to help out someone stressed and worried and have fought the battle of bull ants that have threatened our camp on a daily basis....

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Oz Adventure Playground – Stallion takes charge

 Hi there, Travelling buddies. With Spring days ahead, tell-tale signs are already showing. Not in wildflowers but wild horses meandering across the road with a little fur baby. The stallion in the picture above is the big grey who walks close as the protector of his...

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Shebbie Oz Adventure – Hot and fun in Broome

Hi there, travelling buddy. When we arrived in Broome, we were stressed out with family issues and felt we carried the weight of it, and we didn't think this holiday destination we had once spent here was magical after all. But fate has stepped in and kept us from...

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Oz Adventure Playground – Cable Beach & Broome

Hi travelling buddies,  What started out as a trip down memory lane, surprisingly became so much more. After 25 years we thought our trip here could not top the honeymooner's haven we had experienced all those years ago. And yet we stayed longer than we should have,...

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