E’DAZZLERS are a great way to buy bulk books at huge savings. Whether it be paranormal, espionage, or a book for the young teen in the family, we have an entertaining read just for you.

Many say they don’t like reading, but I say you haven’t found the right book to trigger your true inner need to be somewhere else/someone else.

It took me 30 years before I found that perfect voice I loved to hear. Do yourself a favour, try one or all of these creative fictions and find your inner bookworm. This diverse collection will take you to new heights and maybe the beginning of a warm enjoyable relationship with stories that take you to a happy place you might never want to come back from.

For the newbie reader who wish to find their inner soulmate reader, try one or all from this collection.

For the experienced lover of books, this collection will get your heart pumping, and cupids arrow will have you reading them over and over for many years to come. For you, I suggest one of each.

Happy reading to all! 

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