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Alina Eternal


Alina has spent her life on the run and dreams of finding a place to live where she can keep her secret safe. Has she finally found a city to call home or will her new friends be her demise?

Alina flees to the bright lights of Australia’s Gold Coast. There she strives to make a new life for herself but quickly develops complicated relationships with two men. Both join together to help protect Alina, yet desire more. Can she trust her new friends with her life, and with the secret she has kept hidden for many years.

The ferocity of each attempt by her nemesis escalates, when one of her loyal companions gets captured by the brutal and unforgiving detective who hates her. This forces Alina to run, starting another cat and mouse global chase.

Overwhelmed and heartbroken Alina reminds herself, “there is hope, there is always hope when you are immortal, and the plan is to live forever.”

Alina Eternal is based on Debbie’s competition-winning short story; The Secret Witch.

This fast pace action fantasy will have you laugh, cry, fall in love and… run for your life.

What Readers have said.


Dean W.

I finished and absolutely loved it. The characters were spellbinding. I kept wanting to read on. The banter Between Ricco & Jay was hilarious. Action, drama, a very surprising read. 


Vanessa A.

Finally got around to reading Alina Eternal. It was terrific. Kept me interested that’s for sure. Keep up the great work Debbie.


Renee S.

Action, Intrigue & romance, this book has it all. This book was gripping from beginning to end. I began reading this book yesterday & couldn’t put it down until the early hours this morning. I kept saying one more chapter & then I will go to bed….. one more chapter turned into 20 more chapters. I could not put this book down, not even when all good sense told me to go to bed, you have to be up for work in two hours. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. It had everything that sucks you in; great, lovable, funny characters, a great storyline and action-a-plenty.