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I was born and spent the first 12 years of my childhood in Tallangatta, Victoria. A quaint little town nestled between high, rugged mountain ranges with water between them that runs all the way from the snowy mountains. The memories of bush noises, the smell of fresh pine in the air while exploring my little neck of the woods, still ring sweet. The bushwalks and hikes up high in the foothills, cooling off in crystal-clear, fresh streams, and the closeness of lasting friendships leaves me grateful for a childhood few get to experience. Armed with blankets and pillows, along with family and friends, we looked forward to the weekends where many times we camped out under the stars. These hours were spent lying awake and looking up into the darkness, all searching to find constellations, shooting stars and whatever the imagination could conjure up.

The rest of my childhood was spent exploring the rugged lands of a mining town called Mt Newman in Western Australia and the bright city lights of Perth. Along the way I gave birth to my beautiful girl Jody, her light has kept me striving for a better me.

In 1993 I met a handsome Navy man who now is my husband of 25 years. Jody now lives with her husband Ross not far from my childhood home, and I love being Nanna to her two boys, Kai and Josh.

When dreams of becoming a full-time writer began to bloom, I used the experiences of my previous career to help form many of the characters within my stories. Travelling throughout Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales I was lucky to have met many unique people. Driving from store to store gave me time to reflect, think and plan. It was these colourful trips and the incredible experiences I had that allowed my imagination to expand to greater heights. It was while I soaked up the liquid sunshine in Queensland for eighteen years, did I write many of my stories.

However, my love for new adventures wasn’t always written in a book. Shaun and I loved four-wheel driving, fishing (where I get to show up hubby), camping and we did take up Ballroom/Latin dancing for a time. But the love for the outdoors has always been strong too and why we are currently doing a lap of Australia exploring this beautiful country. Yes, I am still writing, but why do it in four walls when you can enjoy magical views while you are doing so.

In 2007 I think fate stepped in, and I lost my job during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). But always looking at the silver lining and opportunity to pursue my dream job I embarked on my journey of writing. After reading 75 vampire books in one year, I reflected on those long drives and realised my path to becoming an author started at an early age. Sleeping outside on those hot summer nights with siblings and neighbours gave me the idea to include the universe in the tales I now write.

My love of the wonders around us, mythology and the vastness of the unknown has pushed me to explore further into the wonders of the cosmos learning the activities and secrets about spheres, planets, stars, galaxies and beyond. Even cloud formations have been studied as my craving to learn more so I could create the unique magic needed to build my fantasy worlds, characters, and much more. What I desired and will hopefully achieved in my books, is to introduce you to the world that I escape to and the characters that truly leave you wanting more.

Just like the way I live my life, adventure, and action are abounding with a touch of romance. I hope to stir your imagination, leave an everlasting imprint in your mind that anything is possible, all you need to do is BELIEVE.


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I am very proud of my writing achievements. But these highlights could only be achieved with the help of my publishing parnter (my hubby) and the loyal fans that keep wanting more.

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