Time is running out for Chloe, and she knows there is only one absolute certainty…… The


Contemporary/Urban fanatasy Author

Debbie Behan

“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”

John Lennon

I relate to John Lennon’s quote on so many levels and I do ‘Believe’.  What would the world be without the possibility of mythical creatures, exciting new home worlds ruled by Gods and Goddesses and the struggle between good and evil. Writing from the heart and allowing my imagination to wander helps me brings to life  a world of fantasy that you can only dream about and creatures and villains that would make any nightmare wake you with a cold sweat. But fear not, for there is always a twist you won’t see coming to soften your heart and leave you closing the book with a smile.

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 It took about a page and a half before I started reading a bit faster, and by page six, the time where ‘she’ meets ‘him’, my hands magically glued themselves to my kindle for the next 30 hours. Shame on me for staying in bed most of the Sunday so I could discover how Cassandra and Kayden’s love story developed.

Relationship Doctor
Amazon Reviewer

Cassandra Goddess of Harmony

Action, Intrigue & romance, this book has it all. This book was gripping from beginning to end. I began reading this book yesterday & couldn’t put it down until the early hours this morning. I kept saying one more chapter & then I will go to bed….. one more chapter turned into 20 more chapters

Renee S.
Amazon Reviewer

Alina Eternal

What a fantastic read.
The relationships built between Jake, Caleb, Rhys was awesome, funny as they fight over who looks after Chloe.
Well written and well worth the read.

Dean W.
Amazon Reviewer


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The storytelling cougar doesn’t hold back when recalling her time as a Deli girl in the 80s & 90s. Shock, shame and all the ups and downs will take you into a world where strength and saviours rule. 

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Available September, 2022


Paranormal Action/Adventure/Romance


The Draco galaxy, (and not to be confused with the Draco Constellation), is one of the oldest galaxies in the universe. When the galaxy was first created, Draco fought countless dragons from his home and eventually winning, banished them to the constellation he also named Draco. He was a selfish man, and no other name could be spoken. Eventually, a deal was negotiated by their head dragon, who dared call himself Lord Ortizor. This dragon was the first-ever shapeshifter, and when in human form, Draco was weakened by a longing for conversation. Draco agreed to stop draining his fellow creatures of blood if they supplied him with the elixir he craved. Time passed, and as he watched the universe grow, he became lonely and one day scouted around the planets, stumbling on one called Earth. He met mortals, and their human blood sang to him. Not having tasted such a sweet delicacy, he decided to frequent them again when their numbers grew. On his next visit to Earth, he found a man who reminded him of himself. So, fascinated with this human Draco turned him into a blood-consuming drink buddy. This man he named, Dracula and they spent many years enjoying the blood spoils of Earth. But Draco missed his home and eventually left Earth, leaving Dracula to rule. On his return to Draco galaxy, he was hailed a King by those who followed him, and as his community grew, so did his covens. Several centuries later, King Draco found he was dying. He didn’t know there was an expiration date for vampires, but as time went on, he knew his death was inevitable and went on one last hoorah with his prime and best friend, Gabe. Divorced and single he figured this was his time and was not going to miss this opportunity. But little did the king see, there was a conspiracy to take his crown, and another to have him killed. Is Gabe enough to figure it out and help, or is the King doomed? There is someone that doesn’t think he should die, but why?

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